Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Bible Man

 As of Sunday, Nate, 2, has a new favorite possession...a Bible. Following Kids church, he ran to me to show off his new find. Turns out, the Bible belonged to someone else, but after discovering who and knowing this person would not be back to church, Nate was given permission to take it home! He was elated! He has a Bible of his own, but sadly I don't let him hold on to it for too long, because at his age it often becomes his coloring book. However, he was fascinated with THIS Bible; a tiny New Testament. In the car ride after church he had it cracked open and would joyfully repeat, over and over, "Da Bybull says...(insert all forms of gibberish!)" He preached the entire way to our next destination; my family reunion. Reluctantly, he surrendered the Bible and left it in the car while we enjoyed lunch and family time. I wondered what his fascination was with the small book?

The rest of our day zoomed by without a pause, and the Bible was left lying in the floorboard of the car. It traveled to work with Daddy that night, and then to school with Bella the next day, but wasn't rediscovered until Nate jumped in the car for us to head to the park for playtime! It was like Chirstmas morning for him to see His Bible again! So again, Marleigh and I were preached to on the way to the park! I wasn't so lucky to pry it from his hands this time though when we arrived at the park. He would have nothing else but to carry it with him. I discouraged it, but for some reason could really win the argument of telling my son that he didn't "need" his Bible. He won the struggle, and honestly, I'm glad he did this time. What a lesson for me! That Bible seemed like his best friend; it went down the slide with him, in the dirt pile with him, and became buried in the mulch along side of him. The best part was when he stood at the top of the tree house yelling his infamous statement, "Da Bybull says, Jesus loves me dis I know. For da bybull tells me so!" How's that for some playground preaching! Pitch the big tent, let's have revival! :) I was so glad I brought my camera along this particular day! By the end of the day, the Bible looked a bit worn! (The picture from the top!)

When I arrived home and the little ones were down for a nap, I reviewed the pictures for a laugh, but began to cry instead! I thought a lot about my little Bible Man and his adventures of the day. What would my life be like if my Bible was my constant side-kick? What if I knew what it said so well, that I wouldn't continually trip and fall with the "same 'ole" distractions of life? What if I proclaimed it's promises no matter where I was? And finally, what if I turned to it's words so frequently that it became worn out?

Thoughts to ponder.

I love God's Word and I love the new passion He has given me for digging in and finding relative information for any situation in my life! May I never take for granted that I have my own copy....or two, or three, or four! May it become and always be my greatest resource for EVERYTHING life throws at me!

God, thank you for this lesson through the stubbornness of my sweet boy! You amaze me!

Psalm 119:165
"Those who love Your law enjoy great peace. Nothing can make them trip and fall."

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Sippy cup in one hand and his bible in the other!
Check out that hair!
Down "we" go!

"Da Bybull says...."


  1. Only if we would all think of our Bible in this way...

  2. This made my day! I asked him what he had in his hand Sunday and he was excited to show me his Bible (or Bybull). I thought it was precious. He's already a little preacher man :)

  3. This is the greatest thing I have come across all morning! Praise God!
    Happy WFW!

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh MY WORD!! (HIS WORD really! :)) What an adorable post and you know its a reminder as to how we need to dig in and be excited! I LOVED this post!! I'm blessed!

    thanks for sharing at WFW!

  5. Your own little Playground Evangelist... I love it! May we all find that excitement to share God's Word each day.

    Thank you for sharing this precious moment!

    Have a Blessed Day!