Monday, August 29, 2011

Confession Time {LINK UP}

SHHH!!! I have a confession to make!  Well,…………you wanna hear it?

Here it is……………..

I have a REALLY messy car!

 For those who see me often, you know this is no secret! My cover is always blown the second one of the doors opens and “something” comes flying or falling out! 
However, for those who know my parents and how spotless they keep their cars, you would find this hard to believe, but alas………..IT’S TRUE!

I’m not quite sure why it stays so junky! I don’t feel as if I bring that much stuff in the car, however; it looks like I LIVE out of my car! Actually, it looks like a hoarder lives out of my car. Keeping it clean seems to be a battle that I will NEVER win! I wish I could blame it on the fact that I have kids, but sadly, as long as I’ve had a car to drive, I’ve had a mess to clean!

Back in my college days(which seem oh so far away), I remember riding down the road with Wesley on a nice Spring day in my Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (Snazzy, right?) and Wesley was trying to locate where the rancid smell was coming from in my mess of a car! It was extremely junky with papers everywhere and stuff I would transport from home to my dorm,  but nothing that would cause such a horrible odor. He finally thought to feel under the passenger seat with his hand…..and from there the story just goes downhill, FAST! He pulled out a rotten orange! It had been there so long that it exploded into a ball of powdery substance! Probably enough penicillin to  stock a pharmacy! Turns out, my forgotten CHRISTMAS fruit bag was under that seat! EWWW! I know, it’s horrible! Not many would admit to such, but confession is good for the soul right?

I will say that the only fun part about having a messy car is the joy of cleaning it out! You never know what “treasures” you will find. You could find something really gross; like the orange, or maybe something SAH-weet; like $100 bill! And yes, I’ve done that before too! But my favorite of all, is when you find something associated with a memory; maybe an old picture or a sweet note from someone! Or maybe if you’re me, you find a glob of gum attached to many strands of blonde hair that had to be cut from your son’s head! (Read My Hair Hurts!)

Of course I took a picture!

Regardless of your mess of shortcomings in life, cleaning up doesn’t have to be an arduous task! Just as we clean-up spiritually, don’t get too discouraged that life has become such a mess again. Go through everything and ask God to search your heart! Get rid of the things that can’t be used for Him and rejoice when you discover, that even through a mess of life, you find something that can be completely useful for His greater glory! And don’t forget the things you’ve been through while making your mess! Those are the memorable moments that shaped you to help shape someone else! Yes, the messes of life can be down right disturbing sometimes, but cleanup doesn’t have to be. Dig through your mess and turn it all around to make it one beautiful testimony for God’s glory!

Now, you tell me?….What’s the BEST or WORST thing you’ve ever found in your car? LEAVE A COMMENT and let me know!

PS – You’ll all be proud to know that my car has stayed clean on the inside since Bella started school! I couldn’t have the poor girl being embarrassed in the car line!

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  1. Oh, this makes me smile. One time, my husband found an entire hotdog under my minivan seat. There is always a bit of a funky smell going on in my van. Love this comparison, though! Thinking about cleaning out my heart today, Lindsay.

  2. YOU are never allowed to pick on me about the coffee cup turned gnat haven again after sharing that story about the orange...yuck!

  3. Hahahaha! I almost forgot, Michelle!

  4. This is a great Monday morning post Lindsay... I too am the owner of a messy car! I can not think of anything gross right now... I'm sure it's been there, but my car does smell like McDonalds no matter what... and that is gross! Fortunately for me, I've lost my sense of smell for sinus issues, so it's not bothering me at all :) I loved this encouragement too...

    "Yes, the messes of life can be down right disturbing sometimes, but cleanup doesn’t have to be. Dig through your mess and turn it all around to make it one beautiful testimony for God’s glory!"

    So true... He is SO good at straitening us up and bringing glory to His name. I love that about our God. Blessings!

  5. My husband tries so very hard to keep our van clean. He washes and vacuums every single week. But with four kids and a busy life, it gets messy very quickly.

    This is a great post!

  6. What an awesome post!! I must say I was eating something while I read this and food+your post didn't go well together;) Hehe! It made for a great laugh though :)

  7. My husband takes care of the car so any mess is his mess. ha! Fun post.

  8. This was wonderful Lindsay... My wife could have written it as well! :-)

    It's always fascinating to clean out her minivan and see the built-up collection of items. As a recovering (ok... not doing well on the recovery process... lol) neat-freak, it used to stress me out having to see the chaos in her vehicle, but after 16+ years of marriage I've come to understand she sees my orderly areas as slightly disconcerting as well. Thankfully, disheveled or pristine, God loves us all the same!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  9. oh, our van tends to err on the messy side at times. :) Great to find you from Jen's blog.


  10. When my kids were little, I used to joke that I could put an entire Happy Meal together from the floor of my car! Thank God He is big enough for our worst messes. Nice to visit you!

  11. I love this post! I have gotten myself to the point of having a decently clean and organized home, but my another matter. I love it when God uses something simple in our life to teach us something deep.
    Grossest thing found? Have you ever smelled a to-go cup of coffee left for several months? Uggh!

  12. I honestly can't think of the grossest thing -- petrified fruit snacks? I have a hard time with my car, too. I'm better at keeping my house clean! Currently I'm cleaning out closets and it feel so good to give stuff away!

  13. This is where one of my siblings could post a memory. I was always the one throwing out my sister's "treasures". haha!! (neat freak that I am - not that this is any more positive than being a messy, actually - both have their downsides!). But I did thoroughly enjoy reading this from your standpoint. What a great thought here. I am currently on bedrest and my house is not exactly in my desired tip-top while my hands itch 24/7 to attack the house, I'll just remember about finding hidden treasures. I already can't wait for my "treasure hunt!" (Hopping over from "On Your Heart Tuesday)

  14. I've found and old doggy bag that was moldy!

  15. Our van is a hopeless disaster. We just bought a new car to use for business stuff and when there are only 2 kids to transport. My husband said, "No eating in the car. No clutter in the car." We shall see. :) Although I have to admit you've got me beat on the powdered orange. LOL