Friday, August 26, 2011


I'm linking up today with Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday!
The goal is to write for five minutes only on the topic selected. No backtracking, editing, or excessive thought put into it. Just a five minute stream of consciousness!

Today's topic: OLDER

Here we go.....

I've been reading a lot in Ecclesiastes lately and I'm finding out just how much is meaningless in life; pleasures, toil, advancement, riches, etc.... However, one verse continually stuck out to me and said something to this effect: there is nothing better than for people to just be happy and do good while they live this life. Whenever you're able to be satisfied with life, even when it seems upside down, you have truly found a gift of God. (Somewhere in Eccl. 3)

This makes me happy and sad to think about! I don't enjoy getting older most days. It just means more responsibility, more aches and pains, harder to lose weight, and more wrinkles! BOO! It's sad to me though that on some days this is all I can see! I want  to open the gift from God each day and just be SATISFIED with life! No matter what the circumstances, or the age that I am, may I be able to just be happy and do good!

So....forget about the wrinkles, and the reflection in the mirror! Take each day as a gift from God and take pleasure in the fact that you have been given another day to grow wiser and walk in the destiny He has for you! Older is Better!



  1. We too are trying to learn to be happy in what God has given us.

  2. Great post. Forget about wrinkles and reflections on the mirror and focus on God's gift of a new day. Love it!

  3. Very good reminder! I don't worry about the wrinkles, but those gray hairs are my arch enemy. Guess its time I be satisfied!

  4. I saw you post this to FB this morning... really needed this reminder today! Thanks!!! :)

  5. Growing old gracefully is all in the attitude! Going to find your Titus 2 post now!