Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Next Step

We have been insanely busy lately! The move itself, this time around, was so difficult! Turns out that you don't get volunteers when you're not pregnant! LOL We found out the Friday before the big move that Wesley would have a job at BMW, it was just a matter of when. I took that as a blessing of having him around long enough to hopefully get settled! Ha! Settled? We moved straight into throwing Ms. Marleigh's first Birthday party, helping decorate/sing in/coordinate for a wedding, registering me and Bella for school, and trying to get unpacked all in between! Nestled in between all of our running around though, came one of the most precious moments I will EVER experience as a mom!
Last Tuesday night, July 26th, my sweet Bella entrusted her heart to the Lord and asked Him to be her Savior! It was not at all how I imagined it would be, but our beautiful mess of a life has never been what I imagined! It's always been far greater! She was intrigued by a song on the radio which mentioned the resurrection of Jesus, and from there the questions began. Wesley and I have always stressed the importance of pleasing Christ in our everyday actions, but we hadn't ever really begun to open up the realities of salvation to our children quite yet, given their ages. And being saved at a young age myself, I didn't really want to push it until I felt they could really grasp the weight of the decision they were making. With her first question being, "Why does Jesus die on the cross EVERY Easter?", I had a lot of explaining/correcting to do. But the questions continued to pour from her mouth, and I could tell that even at the age of 4, God was dealing with her heart. By the time I felt like I had explained it all the best I could, she looked at me through the rearview mirror and asked, "Mommy, will you pray with me EVERY night that I can go to heaven to be with Jesus FOREVER?". After a little more explaining that it only took one prayer, she was ready! We prayed right there in the car, riding down the road! What a sweet moment!
We spent the rest of the evening sharing the good news to family and friends and visiting with my sister. When we loaded back in the car for the ride home, I popped in a movie for her to watch. Though she watched it for awhile, her brain was still churning and I realized how much she's watched and listened closely to me throughout her life with her next question. "Mommy, so what's my NEXT step?" She is my child! In my methods for living and constructing life, she sensed that there must be some type of to-do list for Christianity! LOL It made me happy in some ways to see that she really does think things through! However, I was also a bit disappointed in myself for making life so methodical! I explained though about baptism and reading the Bible to make sure we are living a life that would please our Father. Being a little timid about the whole baptism thing, she let me know very quickly that she thought her next step was to read the Bible, and since she couldn't read yet, she would just have to wait until she was 5 or 6 to be baptized! Oh that girl!! I got a good chuckle out of that one! But to make a long story short, we had a baptismal service on Sunday night with our church family. I thought it was convenient timing, but Bella was still very much against the idea! I packed some clothes and a towel just in case, and as she saw young and old alike being baptized one by one, she decided that baptism WAS her NEXT STEP! Into the water she went, and the rest is testimony!
I can't quite explain the range of emotions I have felt this week with this event mixed with the rest of life's circumstances! I've rejoiced with Bella and have been such a proud Momma, yet still wondering myself what our NEXT STEP is in life, but God continues to reassure me that it is all in His hands and I can rest in peace, knowing that He has it under His control! He will lead us and even prod us along as we learn daily what it means to truly follow after Him!

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