Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nana's Lipstick

Having two in diapers is messy enough on any given day of the week, so I try my best to coordinate diaper changes. It works out for the most part unless their colons disagree with my schedule.
During a routine diaper change at Nana's house the other day, I changed Marleigh first, then put her down so I could get to Nate. Being in the playroom at the time, I wasn't much worried about what Marleigh would meddle in, so I focused all of my attention on Nate for the moment. And that's all it took! One moment! I turned around to put Nate down only to realize that Marleigh had discovered Bella's collection of make-up, passed down from Nana!
I was so tempted to be angry, but the Holy Spirit prompted me to have grace and laugh it off! So thankful for those promptings. However, the make-up was quickly moved to a high place of safety. Far away from little hands! When it was all said and done (and cleaned up), I could at least take joy in the fact that she knew where it was supposed to go! Lord knows I would have not been able to laugh it off had it been on the walls or furniture!


  1. Precious and I understand the instant ... ugh!!! Good job displaying patience :)

  2. Oh this is just too cute!!! I love that sweet girl!