Monday, August 22, 2011

My Titus 2 Girl!

On Sunday, I sat on the church pew alone. You see, for as long as I've known Wesley (literally) , we've attended church together, and sat side by side for 14 years. We've each had our share of sickness with us and children causing us to miss here and there, but this time it's different. We're adjusting to a new way of life. For now, anyway. With Wesley's new job, he works third shift. It's rocking our family's world right now! I know we'll get it figured out in time, and honestly the day to day stuff is not that bad, but not getting to go to church together is....well, it's just HARD. As I sat there, I was tempted to pout out of my loneliness, but just considering the fact that I was able to make it after getting myself and our three kids ready, the thrill of just being at church kicked in, even though it was awkward for me. After praise and worship, we always have a few moments of fellowship, but instead of just stopping in for a hug, I had a sweet young lady decide to sit with me!
Her name is Mary Beth. She is a 2nd cousin of mine, but that's not what makes her so special to me. Mary Beth is a typical 15 year old girl; gorgeous, outgoing, always active in church and school, and well, she's a bit sarcastic at times! A few months back, Mary Beth asked if I would be her accountability partner. Now, I will admit I haven't done the greatest job of keeping up with her, however, I like to refer to her as my Titus  2 girl! You see, I know that she and many other girls could possibly be looking to me to set an example. What am I showing her? Am I showing her a reverent lifestyle? One that is self-controlled, pure, and kind? Am I showing her how to be a good mother and wife someday(not in that order!)? Mary Beth keeps me in practice of Titus 2. She's my spiritual daughter that I am so thankful for.
So, though Sunday was somewhat of a sad day for me, I was also challenged by Mary Beth to stand on the Word and continually structure my lifestyle by it's pattern set. Little eyes are watching all around! Even during the times when you're not in the presence of your own children, there is always someone you can encourage through your lifestyle and attitude.
Though at times, Mary Beth can be a pest to some, I am really beginning to see what a precious jewel she really is to God. She has such a determined spirit about her, and I'm glad she is my Titus Two Girl! She was such an example of Christ's love to me on Sunday(John 13:35)! Keep it up Mary Beth! I'm cheering for you!

Do you have a Titus Two Girl? If not, I encourage you to get one! You may have so many children of your own, that you're wondering how on earth you could keep up with another! But if you have ever had the blessing of having a "spiritual mother", then it's time for you to now be that blessing!

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  1. They definitely challenge us to be better women! It holds us accountable.