Monday, August 22, 2011

My Hair Hurts

We pulled into a parking place at the Cracker Barrel to have lunch with friends. Against our better judgment, we had all three kids with us! As if the arguing, screaming, and “singing” was not enough fun for the ride over, we were about to enter a public place with three loud, sleepy, picky eating children.  I took a few moments to scan them over to make sure they were presentable to enter. After wiping the chocolate from Bella’s mouth and then slobber from Marleigh’s, I then turned my attention to Nate. (I have a habit of saving the messiest for last!) For once he actually looked okay! However, the look on his face was telling me otherwise! He had a handful of hair at the crown of his head clenched tightly as he steadily repeated, “My hair hurts!” I had no clue what on earth was bothering him now! I had made every effort to make this trip in car as calm as possible. I even gave him a piece of gum to chew to keep him preoccupied…OH NO!!! THE GUM!!! I knew at that moment what had occurred.  Just as I thought, there in the crown of his head, matted to his hair, was his piece of gum.
On most days, this wouldn’t be THAT big of an issue! I would typically take peanut butter to the mess, then dump him in the bath, but seeing as how we were about to enter a restaurant, this was not an option. My mind was searching for a way out of this dilemma, but before I could think of the first thing, Wesley had already taken a pocket knife to Nate’s hair! Dilemma over!
Note to self: Don’t give Nate chewing gum until the age of…..well, NEVER!

 (If looks could kill!)

Dilemmas such as this are never planned for parents, neither are they in “our plans” as Christians! Things come up suddenly, bad things happen, but God always has a plan! And rest assured, His plan is always better than ours! (Jeremiah 29:11). Don’t succumb to the frustrations of life and allow them to beat you up! Roll with the punches and allow Him to make all things beautiful in His time!(Ecclesiastes. 3:11) In Nate’s case, the hair grew back and we all learned a valuable lesson! Wisdom is priceless! 

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  1. His expression is to funny! :)

    Nothing takes God by surprise. So when our plans change, when things pop our way, God knew.

  2. Thanks Jennifer! That's seems to be our motto for life! 2/3 of my children were God's plan! But I much prefer His plan in the end! His has the best ending!

  3. I think you can get gum out with ice, which they would have at cracker barrel.

  4. I've tried ice before with one of the girls at HFC. It still pulled most of the hair out! maybe it would have worked better on him though since he has short hair? Like I say though, before I could even think, Wesley had already cut it off!