Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Minute Friday: NEW

I'm linking up with Gypsy Mama for today's 5-Minute Friday.This should be interesting!
The idea is that Gypsy Mama gives us a word or thought, and we start writing, and keep writing for 5 minutes. No pressure, no editing, no backtracking, just a 5-minute stream of consciousness. Oh my....dangerous, but here it goes!

I have so many new things in my life right now, it's crazy! Hubby's new job, new job for myself (as a Stay at Home Mommy!), newness of public school for my K-5er, and a new direction in life! However, one thing we don't have that is new would be a..........CAR!
Rest assured, my husband has a new one on his brain (especially considering his NEW job is building BMW cars!), however the new car is just not in our wallet. I sure do love and appreciate my Camry, but three carseats shoved in the backseat, has become such an arduous task! My hands are so scratched from shoving them in between seats! And just today, in our lovely South Carolina heat, the AC began to tease me by going in and out! ARGH!!! I played around with it, but finally decided that I needed some child-like faith applied to the situation. I ask my 5yr old, Bella to say a prayer for our AC and ask with immense faith that it would work again! Low and behold, as soon as she said "AMEN", the air kicked back in and actually ended up freezing up half to death on the ride home! He's such an awesome God who makes all things new! EVEN our Camry when necessary!




  1. Wow! What a wicked cool pic on your header!

    I love the faith of a child! Thanks so much for sharing your 5 minutes!

    Joining you from Gypsy Mama!

  2. I love when kids pray!! Thanks for your beautiful words :)

  3. That Bella is one awesome little lady! And God is even more awesome!