Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beautiful Feet

The other day I stared through a glass topped table to my feet below! They hadn’t had any attention in weeks, I know. Horrible looking  really! I thought to myself how nice it would be to have a pedicure! But having a pedicure these days is just a selfish desire of the past, for me! My poor feet take a beating it seems! Evidently they are targets for my children to stomp on! A pedicure was a nice thought, but I put it to rest.

I can be assured though that regardless of the physical appearance of my feet, they are still beautiful as long as I am about the work of the Father! Romans 10:15 states, “And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”(Isaiah 52:7)" .

I stumbled across this old song the other day while looking for one of my favorite childhood songs to share with my kids. After listening to it and remembering the first youth retreat (Feet Retreat) my husband and I did when we were youth pastors, it all just made me smile!

Sandi Patty - Beautiful Feet

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Beautiful Feet
Lyrics – Sandi Patti 

 There are feet that skip and play
There are feet that run away
There are feet that love a race and win or lose
There are chubby feet and small
And strong feet to kick a ball
But beautiful are the feet that bring good news.

There are feet that sleekly swim
Through the water wearing fins
There are feet that shimmy up the tallest trees
There are happy feet and sad
There are aching feet and mad
But beautiful are the feet that publish peace.

Those are beautiful feet
Beee-uuu-ti-ful feet!
Dutiful, cute-i-ful lett!
Tried and true-ti-ful feet
Do you have beautiful feet!
Do you have beautiful feet!

Feet climb mountains, feet climb stairs
Some wear shoes, and some go bare!
There are feet of every shape and every size
But when feet run with the news
Jesus loves me and loves you
Then no matter what they look like - realize…

Beautiful feet
Beautiful feet
Beautiful, beautiful feet!
Tried and true-ti-ful feet
Do you have beauti-i-ful feet

(Walkin’ with my Jesus down a one way street - with my beautiful, beautiful feet.)

May be a corny little kid song, but I thank God that such can still minister to me at my age! I have beautiful feet! Do you?

By the way, God heard my selfish request for a pedicure. I won a door prize at our ladies retreat for….you guessed it….A PEDICURE!

He’s just awesome like that!

*Please be sure to take the time to check out one of my fellow bloggers! Beautiful Mommy Feet is such a blessing! I know you will be blessed by her posts!


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  1. Love It! :)I bet Jesus's feet weren't too pretty to look at, depending on the beholder.

  2. Lindsay, I love this post! Our feet, regardless of how they look, should be about the Father's business.

  3. Love this...especially the song! How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of hope and joy to a broken world!