Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Reality, Folks!

I'm doing my usual Friday link-up with Gypsy Mama! I have five minutes to give my thoughts of the topic of: "in real life". So, here are my thoughts!

Ready, set, GO!

I am often amused by my children and their ability to incorporate real life into fairytale senarios. Just the other day, my sweet Bella (age 5), longing for her days of living in a posh palace with servants, remarked, "Mommy, I love pretending to be a princess, but in real life I want to be a doctor! What do you want to be when you grow up?" :)
 Don't you just love the way 5 year old brains work! Such hopes, ambitions, and dreams! So absorbed in her fairytale thinking, yet still reaches high with her "real life" thoughts.

Seems like in our culture, we are obcessed with reality. That is, as long as it's someone else's reality we get to have a glimpse of! I must admit myself, that I am drawn to the TLC reality shows! Especially the ones with multiple kids involved with superheros posed as parents! I would always get a twinge of jealousy watching them, until I discovered that even in the "reality" of it all, it was still not my reality! How do they do what they do? But then I realized that my own reality awaits me daily. What am I doing with it?

Much like my daughter's fairytale dreams, I dream of how heaven will be someday! And although my dream will be an absolute reality, it's so hard sometimes to focus on the "real life" that I have right now! Real life is staring me in the face each day! 

May I stand ready for every "real life" opportunity. MY real life! (That I am very thankful for, BTW!) I want my kids and all others that surround me to see that even though I may not size up to others at times, I am still living (TRULY LIVING) every moment to it's fullest! Being a beacon to others so that my reality of heaven can become a reality for them as well! Let's get busy! The tape is rolling for your reality show! What are others viewing in real life?


I hope you enjoyed today's post! Check out many others' thoughts on the subject over at Gypsy Mama!


  1. Oh! Wish my 5-year old Isabelle could play princess with your 5-year old Bella :) Ah, well... we'll all be playing princess together in heaven, right?! Happy Firday Lindsay, blessings!

  2. Oh, so beautiful! I am so thankful for your transparency about the struggle between the "what if's" and the reality of the gifts of now. And I love how you challenge me to soak up this life--appreciate these gifts that I can so easily overlook if I choose not to see. Thank you!