Monday, September 19, 2011

Even On Monday {Link Up}

I have no idea, honestly, how Mondays obtained such a bad reputation. Yet, here we are at another, and I have felt every bit of it's attached stigma today! First off, I scheduled a dentist appointment for myself. Who does that on a Monday? And even though I don't "work" outside of the home, I still feel the lethargy each Monday when I pry my eyes open and force my feet to hit the floor! Even my kids seem to feel it; they're either extra tired, or cranky.....or sometimes both! Yikes! For me, it's usually my focus day for the rest of the weekly challenges; a time to make an insanely long and overwhelming to-do list for the rest of the week, catch up on laundry and housework accumulated from the weekend, and pay bills! Ugh!
However, even though I feel the Monday "drag", I was encouraged this morning when I tucked myself away first thing and called on God for His help! I knew I would need it for this day! After some much needed time with Him, I stumbled upon this in my journal:

How sweet! Bella is infatuated with practicing her writing skills right now, and if she can't find someone around to help her spell what she would like to spell, then she simply copies from a book. Last night she decided to copy some of the highlighted verses from my Bible. God knew, even as she wrote, that I would need to hear this verse today! And instead of reading it as is, I added in some extra pep;

"Be joyful always [even on Monday]; pray continually [even on Monday]; give thanks in all circumstances [even on Monday], for this is God's Will for you in Christ Jesus[EVEN on Monday]."
1Thessalonians 5:16-18

So, no matter what your circumstances and how "blah" of a day you are having on this joyful, pray, and gives thanks regardless! You'll be a step in the right direction of living out HIS will for you! 

Messy Monday Link up! 
Monday's don't always have to be messy! They CAN BE beautiful! I would be honored if you would Link up any of your personal favorite posts from this past week, or you may want to post about a beautiful mess of your own. Let's share from the abundance of our hearts and rejoice with one another!

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  1. Oh Lindsay, this is awesome! I normally try so hard to not have the Monday blahs but to praise Him for a new week. But today so much was going wrong. THank you for this encouragement!

  2. I sure do hear you. This morning was a tough one for us, after a long and busy weekend. I love your little one's writing practice :). Now that would get me going too, seeing the Word in that sweet handwriting. Picking up the mess around here today...

  3. Oh I needed this it was a typical Monday for me. But I did turn to God in several instances and he found ways to calm me whether through my sons smile or husbands kind words. Prayers for a prosperous week for us all.

  4. I just love how your daughter wrote the words that God found for her to copy. What a blessing on this Monday -- His presence transformed your day -- yay!