Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Name Fits

Lately we have had a favorite song to listen to in the car. Taking a break from the nursery rhymes and Veggie Tales is always nice for Mommy! Whenever I tell the kids that were going to listen to some "Mommy music", they always request this song; Emmanuel by Tommy Walker. Many would consider it a Christmas song, but for me, I could listen to it everyday! It's a reminder to me that God is so faithful to me that He not only sent His son to be my Savior, but He also sent His Holy Spirit to dwell with us until His return! What an awesome reminder! He is ALWAYS with us! I also love to hear the little voices in the backseat singing along!

Emmanuel. Can you imagine the shock for Mary and Joseph that they were going to have a baby, and the name had already been given? When we found out about each of our pregnancies, the "name game" was at the heart of each one. I didn't want my children just having any old name. I wanted it to have meaning! And for 2/3 children, I won!

Isabella Claire = consecrated to God, beautiful, and intelligent! :)
Nathaniel Josiah = "God has given" and "The Lord saves" :)
Marleigh Emmerson = "meadow near the lake" and "son of Emery"

I'll let you decide who daddy named! ;) I really do love all of their names, but I had to settle on that third one! Surprisingly enough, I can also see how each of their names fit them!

I can also see how ALL the names of God fit Him! Especially, Emmanuel! He is God with us! He's so big strong, and above everything, yet He chose to send His son to come and dwell among us! As if sending a Savior to the world wasn't enough, He took it one step further and sent His Holy Spirit to be our comforter until His return! And if THAT wasn't enough.....we are given the promise of reigning with Him in eternity! WOW!

That's MY God!


The name fits!

Isaiah 7:14

 14Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, 
and bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel.

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  1. Always with us! What a fabulous name, indeed! Reading this took me back to the time that we were naming our children and the way God has worked in their lives. It is great to see connections that I couldn't see when we were choosing.
    One of the best things that I have held onto over the years has been a blessing in names with my daughter who passed away. Perhaps you have just played a muse in my life inspiring a new post. Thanks you for that :)