Wednesday, September 14, 2011

31 Day Challenge

I'm continuing my list from last Thursday of things I'm thankful for! One person that stands out above the rest to me is my husband! He brings a smile to my face at anytime of the day, and I am so thankful for him! I'm thankful that during our one break we took from one another during our seven years of dating, that we decided that the break would not last forever! He's just on my brain a lot these days! I've joined with Sonya over at  Becoming a Strong Woman of God and have joined with ladies all over the place in a  31 Day Pray for Your Spouse Challenge! Back in the college days, my New Testament Professor would challenge us to read one chapter from the Proverbs each day that coincided with the date, that way we would read through Proverbs each month. I think I've found my new monthly challenge! I have enjoyed praying specifically for my husband each day and look forward to continuing it for months to come! Thank you so much Sonya for this amazing challenge! I have really watched the Lord move in our relationship over the past 21 days as I have prayed specifics for my husband! the top of my list today, would be....

I'm thankful for....

(11) My amazingly talented, hard working, God fearing, Christ seeking, super handsome HUSBAND!

(12) My Bible

(13) The many different ways that God speaks to me

(15) my awesome pillow that stays cool all night long

(16) one of my great sisters for giving me a break from Hurricane Nate yesterday

(17) for the hot meals served at church on Sunday's and Wednesday's giving me a break from cooking!

(18) Any form of Caffiene :) :) :)

(20) the fact that NOTHING is impossible with God


No matter how superficial some of these may seem, Lord I thank you for them all!

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving,
and his courts with praise!
Give thanks to him; bless his name!”
Psalm 100:4 (ESV)!

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I'm sure you will be blessed!



  1. What a great challenge! I know our hubby's would covet our prayers for them!

  2. You have me blushing girl. What kind words you put on this page. I am humbled that this military stay at home mom can make a change in someone elses life just by posting a challenge. I am truly blessed to see you putting it to work. When you give your WHOLE life over to God, He does amazing things. I cant wait to hear all the stories that took place over the 31 days of prayer. Thanks for joining in on the challenge to pray for your husband, I know he will be blessed. Come on over to the blog and link up for Thankful Thursday, we would love to have you...

  3. Great list Lindsay! I think God wants us to be thankful for all things, even those that seem small or silly to us.

  4. Fortunately Hurricane Nate dwindled down to a tropical storm once he got to my house :)

    Great list!!