Monday, October 3, 2011

Dirty Justification {LINK UP}

The saga continues with Nate, our Bible man

Since his playground preaching days, he has continued to carry his Bible with him EVERYWHERE! However, he has added a few words here and there, thus concluding that I think the book of Nathaniel has been added to his Bible.

The book of Nathaniel has a lot to say these days! Especially concerning any matters that involve Nate not wanting to do something necessary for his well-being. If Nate is asked to do something he doesn't particulary care for he will plainly tell you, "The Bible says, I not have to do that."

Take this clip for instance.

Cute for now, but how many of us are like this in our Christian walk from time to time? I must admit this spoke to me because of that very reason. How many times has my authority, God, asked me to do something in His name, yet I find a verse or two from the Bible and justify my actions for not following His command. Or better yet, I read a command from His Word, yet justify with my my own logic, how that can't be literal. Or, how many times have I heard a good word from a fellow Christian, and assumed that it was biblical, without cross-examining it just to be sure it was the word of God?

How foolish of me to think that my logic, or someone else's, would ever overrule God's Word, yet sadly, I do it more often than I care to think.

As I was reading my devotions this morning, I was struck by the nobility of the Bereans in Acts 17. They wanted to be so sure they were following God's command, that they would examine the scriptures daily, to be sure that the Word being preached was pure, just as it was written. Although they welcomed Paul with eagerness to their city to preach the message, they didn't just take him at his word; they lined it up with the infallible word. They took their Christianity seriously. Afterall, their lives (and the lives of others) depended on it!

There is much to learn from this Berean crew, even though a mere 4 verses of the Bible mentions them!

I pray I love my Word so much that I use it as my standard of living; not just my back-up while in a dilemma. Lord help me not to live my life based on the opinions of good people, my own logic, or mis-interpreted verses. May I always compare any scripture with what the "Scripture as a whole" might have to say.

I want to "take Him at his His Word"!

As for Nate, let's just say that we have our work cut out for us with this beautiful mess! He's all boy! On a separate occasion from the video, he was finally able to sneak his treasured Bible into the bath with him.  He now has "watered down faith"! :) Looks like it's time to buy him his own "big boy" Bible. (To be kept in a special place, of course!) As for now, we're taking donations of small New Testament Bibles for him to keep up with his playground preaching! Let's hope his audience favors the Bereans! The book of Nathaniel is VERY COMPLEX!

Preaching in the bathtub! I had to take a picture, even though I was a bit disappointed!

"Watered down faith"

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  1. Oh no, His bible! Too funny :) I guess you need to get him one of these...

    Happy Monday Lindsay!

  2. Oh my goodness, Heidi! Who knew? How awesome that they would make a waterproof bible! Thanks for sharing this info!

  3. Lindsay, he is just so precious! I cannot believe they have a waterproof Bible, as Heidi pointed out. How cool! This is great encouragement today. thank you.

  4. How precious! Thank you for sharing your little cutie with us. Bathtime used to be one of our favorite times when my boys were that age. something about the water seemed to free up their creative side. Looks like the same might be true for Nate. However, my boys never did any preaching from that pulpit :)! And you point is well-taken here: how many times have I taken some scripture out of context to justify my will? Very convicting.

    But Nate's cuteness is my favorite part.

  5. this makes me smile so big.. i love that he is a preschool preacher. I remember making my friends come to my precious moments bible club on the playground.

  6. I wonder if there's such a thing as a "waterproof Bible"? Hmmm.... :-)

    And while this is certainly a cute episode with Nate, your point is a very good one. Scripture is very often taken in ways that fit with our desires or our logic instead of seasoning those words in our heart with benefit of the Holy Spirit to expose God's intent. It's something we need to be careful of in our walk.

    Have a Blessed Day!