Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Standing on the Promises

Today my son( 2 yrs) approached me as I was sitting at the table just thinking and reflecting. Earlier I had finished my morning devotions and my Bible, devotion book, and journal were all sitting on the table. At first he talked to me for a few moments about his morning episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and then he turned his attention to my books. I quickly snatched the pen from him, because he all too often leaves artwork in my books (or on my schoolwork)!  However, it wasn't the pen he was after this time, he wanted my books! He picked up the entire stack and laid them on the floor, and what's the next thing any boy would do?.................he stepped on top, jumped off, and shouted, "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!"

Just one of those ordinary moments in my life, but it spurred my memory to a song called, Standing on the Promises of God. I'm telling my age by this song, but have you heard it? Not necessarily my favorite song, but I get occasional memories marked by songs from church, and I just think it's so awesome when God takes the ordinary moments of my life to remind me of something extraordinary!

The Bible is slam full of promises! Promises for me and for you; some that have already been fulfilled and others yet to come! I believe some people have tried to count all the promises in the Bible, yet have ended in the discovery that they cannot be numbered! However, I believe the highest count was up to 7000! Isn't that astounding? And most of them are for me!

I got my Bible and other books back from my son before they became the remnants of my hurricane Nate, but not before snapping a picture of course! I then looked up one of my favorite promises and meditated on it for awhile. It didn't take too long before my eyes were filled with tears, and my mouth with praise!

Hebrews 13:5

"....Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you."

What is one of your favorite promises that you "stand on"?

Meditate upon it and see if your heart doesn't burst with praise!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Confession Time {LINK UP}

SHHH!!! I have a confession to make!  Well,…………you wanna hear it?

Here it is……………..

I have a REALLY messy car!

 For those who see me often, you know this is no secret! My cover is always blown the second one of the doors opens and “something” comes flying or falling out! 
However, for those who know my parents and how spotless they keep their cars, you would find this hard to believe, but alas………..IT’S TRUE!

I’m not quite sure why it stays so junky! I don’t feel as if I bring that much stuff in the car, however; it looks like I LIVE out of my car! Actually, it looks like a hoarder lives out of my car. Keeping it clean seems to be a battle that I will NEVER win! I wish I could blame it on the fact that I have kids, but sadly, as long as I’ve had a car to drive, I’ve had a mess to clean!

Back in my college days(which seem oh so far away), I remember riding down the road with Wesley on a nice Spring day in my Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (Snazzy, right?) and Wesley was trying to locate where the rancid smell was coming from in my mess of a car! It was extremely junky with papers everywhere and stuff I would transport from home to my dorm,  but nothing that would cause such a horrible odor. He finally thought to feel under the passenger seat with his hand…..and from there the story just goes downhill, FAST! He pulled out a rotten orange! It had been there so long that it exploded into a ball of powdery substance! Probably enough penicillin to  stock a pharmacy! Turns out, my forgotten CHRISTMAS fruit bag was under that seat! EWWW! I know, it’s horrible! Not many would admit to such, but confession is good for the soul right?

I will say that the only fun part about having a messy car is the joy of cleaning it out! You never know what “treasures” you will find. You could find something really gross; like the orange, or maybe something SAH-weet; like $100 bill! And yes, I’ve done that before too! But my favorite of all, is when you find something associated with a memory; maybe an old picture or a sweet note from someone! Or maybe if you’re me, you find a glob of gum attached to many strands of blonde hair that had to be cut from your son’s head! (Read My Hair Hurts!)

Of course I took a picture!

Regardless of your mess of shortcomings in life, cleaning up doesn’t have to be an arduous task! Just as we clean-up spiritually, don’t get too discouraged that life has become such a mess again. Go through everything and ask God to search your heart! Get rid of the things that can’t be used for Him and rejoice when you discover, that even through a mess of life, you find something that can be completely useful for His greater glory! And don’t forget the things you’ve been through while making your mess! Those are the memorable moments that shaped you to help shape someone else! Yes, the messes of life can be down right disturbing sometimes, but cleanup doesn’t have to be. Dig through your mess and turn it all around to make it one beautiful testimony for God’s glory!

Now, you tell me?….What’s the BEST or WORST thing you’ve ever found in your car? LEAVE A COMMENT and let me know!

PS – You’ll all be proud to know that my car has stayed clean on the inside since Bella started school! I couldn’t have the poor girl being embarrassed in the car line!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fun with Crayons

We made a trip to Hobby Lobby today, and here is what we created for under $10! The kids had a lot of fun making it!

Friday, August 26, 2011


I'm linking up today with Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday!
The goal is to write for five minutes only on the topic selected. No backtracking, editing, or excessive thought put into it. Just a five minute stream of consciousness!

Today's topic: OLDER

Here we go.....

I've been reading a lot in Ecclesiastes lately and I'm finding out just how much is meaningless in life; pleasures, toil, advancement, riches, etc.... However, one verse continually stuck out to me and said something to this effect: there is nothing better than for people to just be happy and do good while they live this life. Whenever you're able to be satisfied with life, even when it seems upside down, you have truly found a gift of God. (Somewhere in Eccl. 3)

This makes me happy and sad to think about! I don't enjoy getting older most days. It just means more responsibility, more aches and pains, harder to lose weight, and more wrinkles! BOO! It's sad to me though that on some days this is all I can see! I want  to open the gift from God each day and just be SATISFIED with life! No matter what the circumstances, or the age that I am, may I be able to just be happy and do good!

So....forget about the wrinkles, and the reflection in the mirror! Take each day as a gift from God and take pleasure in the fact that you have been given another day to grow wiser and walk in the destiny He has for you! Older is Better!