Why I Blog?

It's been asked of me several times why I blog. My honest answer at the time WAS,  "I don't really know." 

First of all, I like to write. I’m not the best, and truth be told, I am far from mastering the English language. However, I have journals filling a bucket in my closet and if anything, I can always look back and see just how far the Lord has brought me. I started blogging as a means to keep track with these accounts along with pictures. When I found out you could turn your blog into a bound book, I was ecstatic! What an awesome heirloom! Yet still, there are some things that I don’t want the rest of the world to see, so I wondered myself why I was blogging instead of old fashioned journaling.

After really thinking things through, and prayerfully considering my time spent on the computer, I came to this question, the ultimate question I have to ask myself often; “Is this time spent  bringing honor and giving glory to the Lord?” Yikes. 

I really took the time to think it through, because I don’t want to waste a moment when it comes to living out my purpose. My conclusion: I enjoy blogging and truly believe God has gifted me to be able to reach out to others with my words. I’m a busy Momma, with a lot going on. Most days I’m trapped in the house, so I enjoy using blogging as my avenue of encouraging others with our daily messes, turned beauty! I always seek to encourage others and uplift the name of the Lord through doing so, and at the end of the day, if no one else reads anything I have to say, it’s for my children. I want them to see, through the ups and downs, raising them was a pleasure because I allowed the Lord to teach me through them and their crazy shenanigans! 

Some weeks, I may blog everyday; while other weeks, none at all! Priorities rightly placed, I will blog when I have time, and when the Lord speaks to my heart with encouraging insights that others may find helpful!

To sum it all up; I blog because of HIM!