About Us

The Evatt’s Beautiful Mess is my personal journal, of sorts, and how I seek to find beauty through the messes that life brings!  When you seek to find beauty through the mess, it somehow gives you a settled peace that God has everything under His control, even if you are standing in a puddle of your toddler’s…well, you get it! In those everyday, messy moments, He is still there! Allow the Master Teacher to instruct you through ALL of life’s circumstances!

 I refer to our life as a beautiful mess simply because our lives are always full of circumstances that could easily become a mess in our journey of life; however, we call it all beautiful because the Lord has been with us every step of the way causing us to see the bright side of life. Though we are surrounded by constant realities of life, we are surrounded by an even greater peace! In short, we love life and can see God at work no matter what the circumstance. My fellow mess-makers are: Wesley, Bella, Nate, and Marleigh!

I, Lindsay, am a wife, mom, nursing student, and most importantly, a disciple of Christ! I enjoy blogging here and there as well! Using my talents and gifts for the Lord comes naturally( I didn't say easy!) as I strive to be like my Father; the creator of ALL! 

Wes is  the other side of me! We have been married for 6 years now, but have been together for 12, and known each other for 23! Childhood sweethearts! He is an extremely talented vocalist and so creative in many other areas! He works very hard to provide for our family and lets me have the privilege of staying at home with our children!

Bella, 5, just started kindergarten this year! She is quite the diva, yet she has such a love for the world around her! She recently accepted Christ, and is loving telling everyone about this decision! Our little missionary girl!

Nate, 2, keeps us hopping! He's a very happy, and very rowdy boy! Through the energy, and exploration of the English language, he keeps us laughing! Our little comedian!

Marleigh, 1, is your typical "baby" of the family! She's a charmer, yet has a tendency to be a little on the mean side with her siblings! She holds her own, and is already giving us a "run for our money"! 

Add us all together, and we make...The Evatt's Beautiful Mess!

Join our adventure of life and enjoy the humor in our messes of life as we seek to please the Lord with every step! He's using everything we surrender to Him and giving us a strong vision and passion for things to come! If you happen to enjoy my rants, please grab our button and link it to your website or blog! Please also feel free to leave a comment on the posts you like! It sure is encouraging to hear from others and know I'm not the only beautiful mess-maker out there! Thanks for stopping by to "meet" us!