Monday, October 10, 2011

Refresher Course {Guest Blog and Link Up}

I couldn't help but make this  a Messy Monday post, even though it is a guest post! Sometimes we all need a refresher course, or two, on the subject of FEAR! Happy reading!

Do you know a man or woman that absolutely amazes you with their Godly wisdom and awesome imitation of Christ? I am privileged to know several! I met Ruth McWhite after a mission trip to Honduras with a team of  fellow college students, led by her husband, the director of Global Missions at North Greenville University. Since, she has gone on to work at the University as well, as director of Women's Ministries. I've been privileged to hear her speak several times, and each time I am amazed at the love for others, and wisdom of God that just oozes off of her! What a woman of God! I asked her to consider doing a guest post for me, and here is what she had to say:

Proverbs 11:25 really caught my eye not long ago as I was reading through Proverbs.  ‘He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.’  I put that in my Scripture memory book (meaning that I need to memorize that verse and have it in my head!), knowing that this truth is important to grasp.

Well, let me share with you how God refreshed MY heart with the very thing that I was going to use as refreshment for another.  I am just beginning to teach a new Sunday school class, and one of my moms  has a child in Afghanistan.  She was talking about how FEAR consumes her life at times, and it is just so hard to move out of that panicked feeling.  The next morning, I was reading in Jesus Calling, and on August 23, here is what it says:
“Trust God with all our loved ones and release them into His protective care.  We are safer in his hands than in each others.  If we let a loved one become an Idol in our heart then we endanger them and ourselves.  When we release loved ones to God we are free to cling to his hand.  As we entrust others into God’s care, He is free to shower them with blessings.”
I printed that off, and as I was walking back to my office to send this on to my friend, my phone rang.  It was my precious 25 year old son saying, “…..dilated……hospital…”  Because of the tears, I couldn’t understand another word.  Later I learned that his wife was headed to the hospital and was 2 cm dilated.  That should have been a moment of rejoicing, but since she was only twenty weeks into the pregnancy, there was no rejoicing……only FEAR!
I stood in amazement as I looked at the words that the Lord had literally just laid in the palm of my hand-‘TRUST ME WITH THESE CHILDREN, Ruth!’  
That little girl is named Lily and is now about thirty two weeks old (from conception)!  She weighs 3lbs lloz and is making progress in NICU.  God is teaching all of us more lessons in trust – and to be honest, I don’t usually enjoy these trust lessons.  
Ms. Lily
 BUT I’m so grateful that the Lord teaches us things, and if we have ears to hear and hearts that will slow down long enough to take note of it, then He can turn right around and pour that Truth back into our hearts at the perfect time.

Ruth McWhite is a native of Greer, South Carolina. In 2006 the Lord opened the door for her to become Director of Women’s Ministries at North Greenville University—a place she joyfully continues to serve today! She has a great passion to see women come into a relationship with Christ and then grow in that relationship through knowledge of the Word. Ruth is the mother of four wonderful children and three precious grandchildren. Ruth and her husband Allen make their home in Travelers Rest, SC.

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  1. Oh she is so precious! I am adding her to my prayer list. God has a plan for this little one.

  2. Oh I am so blessed by her! Thank you so much for having her guest post. I may have to follow your lead. My biggest regret from college is that I did not get to meet Mrs. Ruth until my Senior year! She has so much Godly counsel I wish I could just sit around and soak up!

  3. Thank you Ruth, this is wonderful insight on fear! No, these lessons in trust are not fun, but the wisdom to trust in the fear is invaluable. Blessings!

  4. Aww.. God bless beautiful Lily! Be encouraged, my precious baby was also in the NICU and had a very hard start to her life. God is SO faithful. Not only with the grace with which He saved her life, but with His Peace that He bestowed upon me when I had no idea if she would live or die. Praise Him! You can read her story here if you'd like: