Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Break

Marleigh and Nate woke from their naps with added spunk, and we rushed out of the house to get Bella from school. 

There she was in front of the school waiting diligently for us to arrive. Greetings were exhanged and we were on our way back home. 

Friday's always bring a lot of joy for Bella (and all of us as well!). She likes to show me her selections from the prize box, tell me all about her day, and show me the stack of papers from the week of all the progress she has made!

As soon as we arrived home, she pulled the stack from her bag, eager to share all she had learned from the week! But she needed one thing UNDIVIDED attention!

That's a hard thing to come by in the afternoon! Everyone wants snack and drink, and those little ones (with their added spunk) are quite the challenge, requiring a small fraction of may attention.

So I zoomed around, getting apples and milk for all, and sat to listen to Bella. We had a few interruptions though, including: two dirty diaper changes, a spilled glass of milk, letting the dog in and out, taking the trash out (so Marleigh would quit digging in it), and washing Marleigh's hands!

I sighed, and plopped back down in the chair beside Bella, ready to try once again to give my full attention. Bella sighed as well, and looked at me with concern, saying, "Mommy, you never get a break!"

We just sat there for a moment exchanging sweet smiles, as I wondered:
Could it be possible? Has someone finally grasped just how busy I am? This could be monumental! Now that she's noticed, maybe she'll desire to pitch in a little more! Oh, my life might get a little less busy...all because of this 5 year old discovery.

I smiled a little bigger at my precious daughter!

She couldn't endure the silence much longer. She gently put her had on top of mine, and leaned in to say, "Mommy, can you peel all the skin off my apple in one long string like they did at the orchard, and then cut it in five equal pieces?"

Her statement was in sync with Marleigh falling out of the kitchen chair, and Nate screaming as he ripped the band-aid from his boo-boo!

So much for that thought. 


Mommy's NEVER get a break!


  1. My friend linked "Just Another Day in Paradise"-Phil Vassar
    Oh my goodness it is so our current stage of life. Despite the overwhelming run around, dishes, broken appliances and the needs you're running around frantically to meet. I don't know, the song really reminded me of how sweet and precious this time is.
    Because even though it sounds like you're handling this stage with Grace, sad to say, that's not how mine's always viewed. I start out good but 3wks without a break I begin to fizzle. Love your Post! So cute :)!

  2. Your post made me smile. Mommy never gets a break. So true. :)

  3. Too cute! Yes, I smiled as well! Children notice things and when they find words to fit, I just love to hear those words coming from their little mouths.
    May God continue to bless your family.
    caring, ~ linda

  4. Once the little ones start arriving, no break is seen for at least 18 years...if ever :)