Thursday, October 6, 2011

Keep in Step

Just a two short weeks ago, my sister and I ran/walked a 5K Race for the Cure. It was my first 5K. Up until now, 5K has meant exactly what Bella thought it meant when I walked in the door after the race and she spotted the paper pinned to my shirt. "Mommy, I'm in 5K, not YOU!"

My badge of honor! (Along with Bella's artistry!)

By no stretch of  imagination am I in any kind of shape that I was actually able to run the entire thing, but since it was for a great cause, and time with my sister, I went for it! Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm in shape, but let's face it, on days like the 5K, I become so aware of how much I'm lacking! (I had a severe case of itchy legs afterwards!) :) What kept me encouraged the entire time, was how Candace stayed with me! We would power walk for awhile, then run a bit, then back to power walking when running became too laborious for me! Let's face it; she could have ran the race twice if it weren't for staying with me, but she chose to stick with me at my pace, yet still encouraged me to go further each time we ran. Sometimes, she didn't even have to say a word to keep me motivated; I just looked at her and her fit, before-babies-body, and ran that much faster! :) Together, we made it, and it was surprisingly fun! Together, we endured!

How's your spiritual endurance?

Personally, I fool myself sometimes, in my thinking that I'm in much better spiritual shape than I really am. Only to find out just how far away I am when my faith is put to the test! I know I will never "arrive" until the day I meet Jesus face to face, but I can't help but feel a little bit of shame when I seemingly can't keep up! However, I am pleased to know that I have a Heavenly Father that cares enough for me to "run with me". He gives endurance through His Word(Rom. 15:4), His love(Psalm 136:1), His patience, and encouragement. He even gives me great examples of endurance right here in the flesh, to prove to me that, YES, I can make it! I can finish this race!(Jeremiah 6:16) Just as Candace could have ran circles around me, I'm so undeserving that He would want to come along side of me and help me in this race, yet somehow His presence is a motivator for me to endure awhile longer! I love it when He speaks directly to me and offers me encouragement through my day to day, but sometimes all I need to just to catch a glimpse of Him, and somehow, seeing Him in all of His beauty and holiness pushes me along even further! It gives me a pep in my step, because I want to be like Him! I want to look like Him!

I stumbled on this verse just the other day, and yes, almost literally stumbled. I was simply following my outline for reading the Bible through in a year. I can't tell you how many times in my life I have read the book of Galatians, especially chapter 5. You know! The fruits of the spirit are right there in verses 22 and 23, yet for some reason, verse 25 has never stuck out quite like it did to me then.

Galatians 5:25
"Since we live by the Spirit, let us 
keep in step with the spirit."

 I was challenged in my spiritual race to keep in step with the Spirit! There have been so many times I've just wanted to give up and throw in the towel. It hurt too much, and I couldn't keep up. Endurance was some far fetched idea that seemed impossible to obtain. Yet in my weakest moments, when I was far from being in shape, He ran along side of me and gave me encouragement through His Words and His beauty, to keep running! But now I'm challenged more than ever to not sit back and wait for those moments of encouragement. I want to "get in shape"! I'm in it for the long haul! I've have to! His Spirit is so enticing, that I want to live by it! Since that is the case, I must keep in step with Him!

Me and Candace before the race!

With that being said, here's my list of thanks for the week.
On this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful:

41. for Nutella :)
42. Bella wants me to go on field trips with her and her friends from school.
43. I don't have to be in perfect physical shape to keep in step with the Spirit.(Although, I'm trying!)
44. that opportunities for family income have been coming to us!
45. for my family chiropractor!
46. for peanut butter milkshakes! (could this be why I'm not in  the best physical shape?)
47. for cloth diapers (not the most fun to clean, but sure are saving me money with at the rate of Nate and Marleigh's potty training efforts!)
48.for a good report from the ENT for Nate
49. for the Holy Spirit that is always so active in my life!
50.for endurance!

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving,
and his courts with praise!
Give thanks to him; bless his name!”
~ Psalm 100:4 (ESV)!
What are some of the things you are thankful for this week?


  1. Wonderful post Lindsay!

    Having the spiritual endurance to keep in the race, and see our way through to Christ's embrace at the end isn't always easy, but it's the most important race we run!

    And another wonderful list! Thank you for sharing it!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  2. Great post! I want to run the race with the Holy Spirit. And great thankful list! :)