Thursday, September 2, 2010

A trip to the ER....

How crazy that on the day I choose to start a blog, I have such an eventful day to relay! The day didn't start out eventful; just an ordinary day still trying to break into the back to school routine. Got everyone off to school fine, one off on a visit with family, Bella off to preschool, and back home to the two little ones. As usual, my day passed much more quickly than anticipated and the afternoon rush of helping with homework, cooking dinner, and still managing the little ones had begun. In the midst of it all, Marleigh had fallen asleep on my shoulder as I carried her around like a sack of potatoes. I gently laid her on our bed, not wanting to put her in her crib since Bella was playing quite loudly in their room. I continuously checked on her, b/c she has become quite active and even rollng over here and there, although just 2 months. Much to my fright, the constant trips down the hallway to check were not numerous enough. From the kitchen, I heard a faint cry, yet very piercing! My heart jumped and I ran down the hallway! Panic mode was flipped in full-swing action when I saw Marleigh suspended, upside down between my nightstand and the bed! I quickly pulled her to safety and just held her close crying and praying, wishing over and over that would have just put her in her crib like any mom should just know to do!
After she calmed down from the initial shock, her left eye began to swell profusely and we knew that an immediate trip to the ER was necessary. In short, she had an x-ray and everything checked out okay, though she will probably have a black eye to show for. Sad, sad day! It breaks my heart and I have extreme "mommy guilt" right now; however, I am VERY thankful that the Lord took care of her and it was not any worse.
Lesson learned today!!!
In case anyone is wondering we are now sticking with the old wives tale that it's good luck to fall off of the bed before the age of one! LOL

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  1. Welcome to the blog world Lindsay! I am so sorry that happened but I am very glad we got her pictures before that happened. I think you would enjoy some of the antics on They make trips to the ER all the time for crazy stuff like this.