Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Naps

Growing up, I had a love/hate relationship with Sunday afternoons. We would always have such good times at church in the mornings, amazing lunches, and some good converstation. Everyone in my family could usually pull themselves together enough to have great attitudes on Sundays, no matter how awful of a week it had been! The freshness of a new week, seemed to perk everyone somehow. But then it came......NAP TIME! My parents always wanted to take a nap after such good times. I just didn't get it! We, the kids, were given the option to either play outdoors if weather permitted or stay in and take a nap. BORING!! I remember having great fun outside, but we dare not get to close to their bedroom window yelling and playing. And heaven forbid we have to go in and go to the bathroom. We could possibly be sentenced to staying inside and being silent if we opened that door too many times. I could always tell the winter time was tough on my parents, becuase we were able to play inside and all too many times we were too loud! How could such a beautiful Sunday be ruined by such a simple resting of the eyes!
Now all grown up with so many kids of my own, I now long for my own Sunday afternoon nap and I also see the dissappointment in my childrens' eyes when we pronouce the dreaded time! I guess Wesley felt sorry for them today, because he let them stay up and in the house! But I didn't feel sorry for anyone today except my tired self! LOL I crawled in the bed and crashed!
Looking back, I thank my parents for teaching me the simplicity of Sunday's and the learned ability to REST. Though I know just how much it drives the kiddos crazy, I hope they too learn that rest can be a great thing to start your week with!

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  1. Can I just tell ya...I LOVE that you are blogging!! It's like a sitcom of the Evatt's that I can't wait to watch!! Love it!