Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hard? Absolutely! But Oh So Worth It!

We moved back in our home today from several days off! Gotta love family time! This month we did exactly what time off is intended for...REST!! Loved it! When reflecting over this last week though, several accomplishments/failures have been hard for me to face, yet always worth it in the end. Seems like life in general can be that way! You have to endure things, but looking back, they always seem to be worth the fuss; no matter how big or small! Here are a few of the reflections from my week that have been hard, but worth it:

Exercising(blast that stinkin' treadmill)

Eating healthy(I'm getting quite sick of salads!)

Waiting in a hair salon for 4+ hours while my two of my girls had their hair braided(only worth it b/c they didn't have to suffer the embarrassment of me trying to fix their hair)

Packing up the family(all baby gadgets included)and moving from one house to another for some much needed days of rest (Gets really old having to do so once a month)

Expertly cleaning the house to leave(only worth it because I get to enjoy coming back home to a super clean house)

Being a mom(24/7 job feeling like a harsh and cruel being, but somehow worth the struggles when a hug or kiss is planted on you!)

Burning the midnight oil studying like the old days(except now the kids that are involved make for a whole different ball game, but the 96.4 test score was worth my weary day!)

and finally, LOVING! (yes, this comes hard for me all too often!)

I have become vastly aware this past weekend of just how far I have fallen and how much God loves ME! The author and very definition of love, loves ME! Yet even though I understand it with my mind, I can't seem to push this information to my heart and let the actions, words, and thoughts of love come out of me! With my senses so heightened to the awareness of my loving heavenly father, I realized that love would not be quite so hard to exude if I myself would not continually slide away from my first love! God, help me to be filled so much with Your presence, that the action of love would become an easy task!
My beautiful mess this week concludes with the thought that when you find yourself in a spiritual mess, turn to Him, your first love, and become something beautiful; LOVE. No matter what the hard situations of life seem to bring, face them with love, and find them to be worth the hassle!


  1. Thanks for sharing your life... it's fascinating to see what God has done with people you know...

  2. Way to go on your test! Congratulations! :)

  3. I LOVED this post! Sorry I wasn't able to see you the other night :/ That's ok friend; in due time, I will!! Hey, what are you studying for?

  4. You will never know how much you blessed my heart sunday. Just like you I found it very hard to love and I know it is because I have forgotten who my 1st love was and is now. You always have a way with words! Love ya!