Saturday, September 4, 2010

Flip Flop Farm Day.....

Today, Labor Day weekend festivities took us all the way to Dacusville! Ahh....HOME! Dacusville Farm Days; a labor day tradition in my family! Nothing like the scent of freshly cut wood and, well.... tractors! They have a very distinct smell! The girls from the home weren't quite sure what to think of the event, but I think they enjoyed it nonetheless. They were able to get their hair braided, faces painted, and hair sprayed all kinds of crazy colors. We also stopped by my dad's booth that was setup for the family-owned sawmill. Getting to see family is always fun for me! Bella and Nate enjoyed the tractors and the food of course! Even Marleigh got in on the action!

By the time we started home, Marleigh was starving, but we were all very tired and ready to head home. I thus decided that Marleigh would have to wait a 4 hour stretch instead of her usual three. Although she usually won't take a passy, one would be necessary for a peaceable ride home. But, uh oh......I forgot hers. In a desperate moment I gave into something I promised I would never do, even though I have two so close together. I SHARED THE PASSY!!! Nate was already asleep, so Marleigh got his and everything was right in the world for the long ride home.

Though an avid farm days fan and frequent visitor, I can already tell that I've been away from home for awhile. Wesley and I both wore flip flops to Farm Days today. What were we thinking?!?! Beautiful? Not hardly. Thus concluding with our mess of the day; flip flopped Farm Day feet in need of a footwashing!

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