Friday, September 3, 2010

Bumps, bruises, scrapes, and haircuts for all!

Disclaimer: Though I cover seamingly negetive aspects of our life, I want to make everyone aware that I still LOVE my life! In fact, in most cases, we are able to laugh at all of our "messes" of life! Just thought I'd let you know!

Today, like any other day, has been quite busy and eventful. Full of beautiful messes, all intertwined with one another, creating a very unique day like noneother. Sleeping in a little was a great start, thanks to Wesley who decided to get all the kiddos up and on their way. We then headed to the mall for a few items, one being a new wedding band for Wesley (YAY! now he looks like a married man again), then I was off to get my hair cut. (about 6 or 7 inches of it!) I also, got to visit the christian bookstore (a very dangerous place for me to be). I got a new bible for busy moms (first new one since high school graduation), and two new books that I'm super excited about reading in my spare time. LOL Family Fragrance and Who Switched Off My Brain! Mess of the Day: Nate was able to try Ketchup for the first time, today!

We got home just in time for some of our girls to get home and leave to go pick up the others. Wesley stayed home to be with napping little ones. And yes, Marleigh was safe in her crib today! Much to my dismay, after pulling out of the school parking lot with a short bus full of middle schoolers, I ran out of gas in the median! I'll thank my husband for that! The wonderful and helpful nextdoor neighbors had to come to my rescue. Oh yes, I have failed to mention that I forgot my cell phone and had to send one of the kids back in the school to make the phone call for help! We soon made it home and all breathed a sigh of releif that today was indeed FRIDAY!!!!

To conclude our week, Wesley got a wild hair (pun intended) and decided he needed a haircut like the rest of us. (Nate had one on Wednesday, Bella on Thursday, and me today). Problem was, he just had a fresh haircut last week! much shorter could he go? Well...I accomplished my first haircut and that's all I have to say about that! I thought I would absolutely hate it, but it's growing on me!
Our New Styles

Our finale for tonight was cooking Chicken Spaghetti Surprise for dinner. Can you tell it's time for a trip to the grocery store? It consisted of chicken nuggets, spaghetti O's, ravioli, spaghetti noodles, and cheese of course! Then we counted all the boo-boo's and prayed for each one. Marleigh's busted eye(from THE fall), Nate's pop knot on his forehead(from his face plant on the floor), and Bella's scraped arm (from sliding on the pavement)! Geez!!! What a day!

Chicken Spaghetti Surprise (they actually liked it!)

Bella's new boo-boo! Plus a glimpse of her new style as well!


  1. I am loving your blog. It seriously is making me laugh out loud. Your chicken surprise was by far the highlight :)