Friday, September 17, 2010

Stinkin' It up!

Over the course of the past 4 months, I seem to have had a VERY stinky house, in every sense of the term! Probably sharing way too much information, but poor Nate has had a crazy bout with intestinal issues, to word it pleasantly. Let me just put it this way, I've had to change his crib sheets about three times a week for 3-4 months. (Needless to say, I hate bumpers! Argh!) Finally, having resorted to our last option, he took the meds for a parasite, and things finally seem to be on the up and up! Poor Bella on the other hand, has had quite the opposite problem and has been prescribed to Miralax. I'll let your mind wander a bit with this piece of info.; it got just so bad at church one night that people probably thought I was beating my child in the bathroom. The evening at church ended with me, Wesley, and my Pastor's wife giving a homemade enema with a turkey baster. EWW!! Don't worry church folks, it was thrown away afterwards! Guess I do need to buy a new one! Later that evening, she did get to feeling better, but being in our house was...well...SOMETHING! And now on to precious Marleigh, well things are MOVING just fine, but thanks to a recent cold of mine, that poor baby stunk up the whole house the other day, and I was completely unaware. Everyone kept asking what was stinking so badly and I just couldn't smell a thing. LOL Later realizing that Mareligh was literally up to her elbows in poop. It required a dunk in the bath. Baby wipes just wouldn't do the job!

Many times with books I'm reading, I often relate the material to happenstances in my life. You'll never guess what the book I'm reading now is titled? "Family Fragrance: Practical, Intentional Ways to Fill Your Home with the Aroma of Love". HaHa. Obviously, in the literal sense, my home has been quite stinky. However; now on my LOVE kick, I related my children's "issues" to the spiritual atmosphere in our home. Sometimes, like Nate, it just stinks all the blessed time. No one seems to be intentionally trying love others. Occasionally, we have a good stretch of loving one another, and then, like poor Bella, our anger and frustration with one another becomes quite an ordeal, and packs a punch! And don't forget poor Marleigh, sometimes we're just so busy with the "OUR routine" of life, that our sniffer is not even working correctly, and we can't "smell" the aromas (good or Bad) in our home.

Though an all too messy comparison, it struck a chord in my heart, and is causing me to be intentional with my love!

Thanking the Lord for poop today, to bring me this friendly reminder. My husband would be so proud!

Pictures coming soon in my next update. Sorry for the delay!

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