Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Looking Back

Browsing through my archives, remembering the place in life I was in about a year ago! Sadly, I still have two in diapers, but we're working on it! It often makes me think of the aroma in our house; the spiritual aroma! I don't normally recommend books, but the one mentioned in this post was a great one, and an easy read with a lot of great ideas to incorporate! I think I want to re-visit it for myself!

As for now, indulge me, and take a glace at the aroma of my home about a year ago!

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  1. nice post thanks for sharing..loves...

  2. Sweet! We've got the sweet aroma around here too!

  3. Oh my, I remember those stinky days all too well! I've had major sinus issues the past few years and my sense of smell has gone completely out from time to time... I didn't even know what I was missing until it was back again... I was in shock of the stinking things going on here! My seven year old son slept with me the other night while my husband is gone and in the middle of the night he threw up -exorcist style- all over the place... so stinky that I threw up! But, just like you I am grateful for the stink too :)

  4. Cute! I too am no stranger to that stanky rear ends those kids have! But they are blessings from God, after all!:) Going to read the rest!:)