Friday, November 11, 2011

{Unexpected} Homemade Ice Cream

I've been a little quiet around here lately with Five Minute Fridays, but today I'm linking back up with Gypsy Mama and joining other bloggers in the challenge of write for 5minutes; unscripted, and (semi)unedited! Today's word for the writing; UNEXPECTED.


Our Engagement

After a full day of work at my college job at the jewelry store, I went to my boyfriends house for a date night of sorts. After being together for seven years, some weekends we just ran out of ideas(and money)! I thought a movie would be fitting, but he had other plans for this hot July day! He wanted ice cream...not just any ice cream; homemade ice cream.
Seemed to me this idea involved too much work, and I really just wanted to relax after work, but I went along with the idea because he happened to be so cute and had my heart wrapped around his little finger! We went to the store to buy our supplies, then stopped by our church, with cooler in tow, for the massive quantity of ice needed. 

I sat in the vestibule of the church as I waited for him to get the ice. Heading down the stairs toward me, he dropped to one knee and pulled a ring from his pocket!


Completely UNEXPECTED!

I don't remember the exact words exchanged, but I said "YES" to the man I love right there in the church we had first met when I was just five years old! I didn't always have a thing for him, but he pursued me enough over the years to win my heart, and I;m so glad he did!

We're now over six years and three kids into our marriage, and I couldn't possibly love anyone on this earth more than I love my sweet husband! He is the other side of me!


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  1. I linked after you on Gypsy Mama. So glad I did! Loved your unexpected engagement story. Ice Cream---LOVE IT!

    I celebrated 25 years with my love this year. In January our first grandbaby will be one. I wrote celebrating that anniversary when Lisa Jo put up the word "Beyond."

    Stay in love forever....through it all... And tell this story over and over to your kids!!!

    God bless you and your family.

  2. What a wonderful story Lindsay! Thank you for this lovely view into such a powerful, unexpected moment in your life. :-)

    Have a Blessed Weekend!

  3. What a great story and a wonderful memory for you! Thanks for sharing.