Monday, November 21, 2011

Burden or Opportunity?{GIVEAWAY}

So guess what?.....
Today is my 100th post! 
So, I thought I would have a little celebration by giving something away!
I hope you enjoy this giveaway as much as I do!

On October 31st, just a few short weeks ago, our world population reached an astonishing 7 billion! The really amazing fact is that it only took 12 years to gain that last billion! 
Most news reports I read about this growth had negative takes. They don't think our world can handle much more! They claimed, "There is too much suffering, why bring more children into this?" One woman, giving birth on that marked day, even named her baby "Enough".
Though there is no denying the fact that our world is in turmoil, I see this recent spike as an opportunity, not a burden!  Christians must see past themselves and their own surroundings and see the crisis at hand as the biggest opportunity to share the message of hope!
There are missionaries all over this world who have responded to this cry of the earth.
How will you respond?
Maybe you can't go miles away to minister the gospel....Maybe you're like me, and "stuck" at home all day with kiddos, finding it hard to even walk to the mailbox! 
How can we have an impact?


I've always had a heart for missions! I want to GO, but I have never been quite so encouraged to change things in my world through PRAYER! 
I've always known that prayer is such a powerful tool, but when I look at the "shape" of our world, I become overwhelmed and intimidated with how to pray for so many people, and so many issues! (Especially on the days when I can't see past my own!)

But I got a new tool, and I'm wearing it out!

At a recent mission conference, we were given a free copy of the book, Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation. And it simply is JUST THAT! This book is a compilation of YEARS worth of research! It takes our world as a whole, and breaks it down country by country, giving brief statistics, answers to prayer, and challenges to prayer for each one. And if that's not enough, it even breaks it down into a calendar year, enabling you to pray specifics for your ENTIRE WORLD within a year! 

It has already brought some life back to our nightly routine even with our small children! I want to teach them about the world around them! They need to know truth and that suffering around the globe is a REAL thing! More importantly though, I want them to have real faith and real hope in their God who is a mighty redeemer! He may not redeem us all from sufferings, but He can and will redeem our souls and the souls of others around this globe! Hearing their tiny voices pray with authority makes this Mama proud! Will you join me and my family in praying for OUR WORLD?

"The countless prayers this book will inspire serve no purpose in and of themselves. Prayer is not a self-validating exercise; in a world where there is no loving, sovereign God, prayer would be weakness at best and folly at worst. No, each and every prayer is a tiny piece of a great cosmic puzzle, which when fitted together will allow for the completion of the grand picture of the Almighty Lord's plan for humanity and the universe. We do not merely pray about the many points featured herein, we pray toward something, and that something is magnificent - the fulfillment of the Father's purposes and His Kingdom come."
-Operation World

Today, I want to give away a copy of this excellent resource! Though I wish I could giveaway a copy to each person, only one will be randomly selected. However, please take the time to visit their website! There are many other awesome resources available for purchase, or you can visit the site each day for a featured nation to join along in the prayers!

For your chance to win, please share this giveaway on Facebook, and leave a comment back here on the blog that you have done so! When you share, make this a plea for prayer, more than JUST another giveaway! ;) Our world needs our prayers! The opportunity to submit for a chance to win will be open until Saturday, November 26th 11:59 PM, and announced next Monday, November 28th! Good luck!

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  1. I agree, this world needs prayer! Great encouragement. I look forward to checking out the website. :)

  2. I shared this on facebook and would love a chance to win this book.

  3. Happy anniversary! What a wonderful way to celebrate. Prayer is a very powerful gift to give. Love your heart and this sounds like a great resource. Heading over to the website to check out more.

  4. Just found your blog and linked :)
    What missions conference did you go to? We are a part of the Missionary Alliance Church, just curious!

  5. Lindsay, I'm just like you... I want to GO, but His answer is clearly "Not Now!" So we pray and wait and get trained up here until the answer is "YES!" Wonderful encouragement and happy, happy 100th post my firend:)

  6. Looks like a great book! We adopted our oldest son from Guatemala and also want to teach our kids there is a world outside of Belton, SC!

  7. I would love to have one of these to take with us. We leave for the mission field in January. I shared in the hopes lots of folks will get serious about prayer

  8. This looks like a wonderful book! Thanks for sharing this!:))

  9. My parents were missionaries. I always wanted to be and thought I would, but at least up until now it wasn't God's plan for me. Maybe my kids will be! :)