Thursday, November 17, 2011

Get Your Square

Ever had something special to you that you tucked away for awhile, knowing that it would have great purpose at some point?

Let me introduce you to  "my squares", as Nate has precisely named them.

With our recent move, I re-discovered all twenty of "my squares". Just simple pieces of cloth, in my favorite color(purple), with the letter "E" initialed on each one. Absolutely nothing special about them to most eyes, yet I refuse to get rid of them. All twenty of them!

I promise I'm not a pack-rat, but when certain items hold value to me, I find it hard to get rid of them so easily. With these particular "squares", I've held onto them since my wedding day. They were used in the center of each table at our reception for the centerpieces to sit on top of. Again, even then they had no great purpose and they haven't been used since, but they're just special to me! In fact, they had very humble beginnings. They started as a bed sheet that I found on clearance, at a thrift store. (The cheapest of the cheap, yet I saw beauty!) Then, as a wedding gift, my aunt cut the sheet into twenty small squares and embroidered "E's" onto each one! Talk about a wedding on a budget...that was my wedding!

Almost seven years removed from that great day, they have been packed away, unused. All because I just knew I would use them someday for something fabulous!

With a husband who hates clutter, I knew I had to find use for them when I found them recently, or he would send them out the door!

What to do?

It never came to me! I don't know that there is anything fabulous to do with my twenty "squares".

But while I'm waiting on the grand idea to knock me off my feet someday, I've put them to use with my children, for the protection of my new dining room table! We've never had a new, and nice dining room table until now. What possessed us to buy a new one NOW, given the ages of our children, I'll never know, but it's gorgeous, I love it, and I want it to stay in good condition!

This is where my lovely squares come into play! They stay in a drawer in the dining room. When meal time rolls around, I no longer say "Time to eat!". All I have to say is, "Come get your square!", and the kiddos come running! They run and grab a "square from the drawer, place it at their spot at the table, and anxiously await for their plate of food to be placed on top!

Not exactly how I anticipated they would be used seven glorious years ago, but hey, it works for me!

Today as a read a post from a fellow blogger, I couldn't help but think of "squares", and then ME!

Lisa used this verse,

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin.
Zechariah 4:10
My squares had VERY humble beginnings. So did I. But all those years they just sat in storage, they weren't serving even the smallest of purpose! Do they have an extraordinary purpose now? Nope. They semi-contain the mess of my children at meal-time, but that is a HUGE deal to me, because I really value my new table. It's also kinda cute seeing the little squares in their little hands!
What about me?
What about you?

Do you have an EXTRAORDINARY purpose?

In my own fleshly eyes, I don't! I'm a girl with humble beginnings. Raised on a sawmill in Dacusville, SC. Raising my own little family now, not far from there. I just know that God has called me to something BIG, but I just haven't got it all figured out yet! So what will I do while I wait? Just sit on the shelf until the big day of my EXTRAORDINARY purpose? I choose to answer, "NO!" (Not exactly the way I'm tempted to answer!)

I want to be used for A PURPOSE! No matter how big, or small, God take me, and use it ALL! All for Your glory! It may be serving others, even the "messy" people! I'm all Yours, Lord!

I hear HIM rejoicing at the work beginning! How about you?

You hold "value" to HIM, just like my little squares and my table! HE won't get rid of you, but He does desire to use you for a purpose of bringing glory to His beautiful Name!

Please take a few moments to check out Lisa's blog, A Moment With God! You will always be encouraged by her Spirit-filled words! Her post genuinely encouraged me today! Thanks, Lisa!


  1. God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Great thoughts today Lindsay!

  2. I love this, Lindsay! I really like the illustration of your squares. Perfect example of this verse. Great encouragement ~ many blessings!