Saturday, February 25, 2012


To work or not to work?

Since we left our position as house parents from the Home for Children last July, it has been a constant battle within us about whether or not I need to go back to work. Weighing out our options and constantly re-evaluating every possibility, we finally determined it best that I continue to stay at home with the little ones while I am in school. Personally, I LOVE this decision! I love being with my children as much as possible during these formative years, and I love having a flexible schedule while in school. However, not having an extra income is hard at times, especially with three little ones! Thus begins my journey to start a home-based business.

Though it has been a six month journey, I am extremely excited to announce that I am now an Independent Consultant for doTERRA!

Once I discovered doTERRA, I knew this would be a company I could represent! You see, I am not a "salesman"! I really have to believe in something to promote it! That's why I had a really hard time searching for a company that I could potentially earn an income with. I'm a thrift/bargain shopper with most "things" in life, so it would be hard for me to sell purses and bags, candles, makeup, etc... That is not say that I don't like these "things", I just am not the right spokesperson for them, but let me tell you why I am for doTERRA...

As a nursing student, it didn't take me long to realize that there are two very different sides to Health care; traditional vs holistic. Before I knew so much about the amazing human body, I could have been a spokesperson for the traditional side of medicine. However, combining my firm belief in God, his creation of the amazing human body, and my increasing knowledge of how it works, I am now leaning in the complete opposite direction!

More antibiotics and the constant treating of symptoms is not what will make the human body well for it's time here on earth. What will? Well, as much as I can't stand this answer at times, here it is. Our bodies are best cared for when we receive daily exercise, practice healthy eating and sleeping habits, and use the natural elements we have been blessed with to aid with complications.

Am I recommending you quit going to the doctor? Absolutely NOT! I'm recommending that you have a healthy balance of both sides of health care in your life. God created us all "fearfully and wonderfully"! How much do you show your love back to Him through your efforts in taking care of this wonderful creation? I have to be honest and say that I have not done the greatest job at that! I have depended to heavily on our traditional health care system, living my life the way I please, and medicating along the way for issues that arise. However, when I was permanently put on thyroid medication at the beginning of my pregnancy with Marleigh, I realized that this NOT what I wanted! I do not wish to be chained to medication for the rest of my life.

Searching out many options, I found so much research on natural essential oils and ended up with doTERRA! The rest is history! I have heard so many success stories of how different essential oils are helping people medically, therapeutically, and enhancing their daily lives! I am excited to begin the process for myself and help others along the way! I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on my personal progress and share the stories of others as well, but until then, do some research for yourself! Check out my website, and ask me any questions you may have! There is an oil for just about any ailment! From the newborn, to the elderly there are many oils for everyone! Can't wait to share them with you all!

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  1. I've never even heard of doTerra Lindsay, off to check it out :) Blessings on your new endeavor!