Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No More Paci, the Big Green Monster, and the Power of Written Language…

It’s been a long week in the Evatt house.

Last Saturday the hubby and I got away for the first time in a long time to Hilton Head. We really had an amazing time together, but all weekend long I couldn’t help but feel terrible for my mother-in-law. You see, Nate had only been using his paci at nighttime and naptime, but when we got the call from Loretta 45 minutes from arriving in Hilton Head(also Nate’s bedtime), we realized we had something very important in the car with us; Nate’s paci! Whoops! He was forced to give it up cold turkey! Nana had to deal with a few minor episodes, but we returned to a little boy who was now one step closer to his “big boy” days.
Back home, we were so thankful for our time together and our many hours of sleep we enjoyed, because we came back home to Ms. Marleigh. She so patiently waited on us to arrive home before getting sick. Wasn’t that sweet? A trip to the doctor on Wednesday confirmed a cold. What? That was it? I really thought it was something more, and by Saturday (her 5th day into the fever), I was positive it had to be something more. It definitely was…RSV with a sinus infection on top! Poor thing! Those three letters are scary! This only meant one thing to us; the big green monster was due a trip to torture Marleigh! You know what I’m talking about; the brain sucker they send home with ya from the hospital! (For all you technical folks, the bulb syringe.) The big green monster has been the greatest form of torture to all of our children(emotional therapy will probably be required in the future); and though the screams of terror break my heart, its coming was imminent. Thankfully, with the aid of the big green monster and some good meds, Marleigh did not have to receive any further breathing treatments and didn’t have to be hospitalized, as I had feared for the worst. She’s getting right back to normal, and we are so glad that we stocked up on some rest on our trip to Hilton Head! (I wish that really were possible to do!) Pre-medicated Marleigh worried us through the nights with her breathing, which meant NO sleep for mommy and daddy. Now that she’s medicated, she keeps us up at night due to her peppy albuterol treatments. Oh the joys parenthood!
However, through all the sleepless nights and scary moments of sickness, one of my most blissful moments in life occurred through the use of eight simple letters! As I jumped in the bed one night (way too late), I threw the 10 million pillows to the floor to uncover a very special notebook. Since Bella’s start to K-4, she and I created a special Mommy/Bella journal. We don’t use it every day, but ever so often we will write each other a special note or draw a special picture, hide it under the other’s pillow, and let the other find the sweet surprise at bedtime. Up until this point, Bella has always drawn me some pretty pictures, with added stickers of choice, but this one was different. For the first time, Bella used that wonderful combination of letters to spell, “I love you!” Now to some this may be no big deal, but to me, this was such a cherished moment! I thought the days that I brought my children into this world would mark the best moments of my life, but I realize more everyday, as my children grow in knowledge and stature, that moments like these continue throughout life! They seemingly trump one another on a consistent basis! All to help me realize the love of my heavenly Father!

The Evatt's Beautiful Mess remains a beautiful mess! (Just in case you were wondering!)

Just for kicks, leave a comment with what the big green monster is called at your house.


  1. When we use it we call it a boogerectomy. And Sophie HATES that thing too. Yesterday she jerked her head while I was using it and I poked her in the eye! Ouch.