Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Only Masquerade as Normal

I got out of bed this morning with a purpose! Today was the day! The first day of a “better” me. After a weekend of procrastination, sickness, and just general “blahs”, I decided my life needed a little tweaking! I was annoyed by my own inconsistency with life. Though I spend my days in routines for kids, making chore charts, staying on top of paperwork, pursuing my education…etc.(That list could go on forever), I have lacked in my own foundational tasks. Immediately I was off to the kitchen where I found my marvelous husband (who let me sleep in) to discuss my plans with him. First off, I made a list of 9 things that could use a little(or a lot) of improvement in my life. Out to the side of those things, I jotted down some realistic goals on ways I could improve on each one over the next eight weeks! Finally, I mapped out what my new weekly schedule would look like and hoped to follow it over the next 8 weeks to start new, healthy habits in my life.
Feeling quite silly about my type “A” self (having to make my pretty little lists and charts), I needed a little reassurance that this was feasible and a good idea. Wesley, knowing me all too well, just listened to my plans but wasn’t really impressed overall. (Honestly, I think I annoy the snot out of him with all of the lists I make for EVERYTHING!) Nevertheless, I went about my business in an attempt to follow through with my great 8 week plan. It just so happened though that God gave me the confirmation and reassurance that I needed during my “scheduled” devotion and prayer time. Isn’t that just like Him? My particular devotion was about how we all, as humans, fall into our times of inconsistency, then find ourselves crawling back seeking stability. Right in His arms is where I found my stability to and encouragement to embark on my 8 week plan to becoming a better me. Wesley likes to call it my “Joel Osteen Plan”! Regardless of what you call it though, it’s improvement, and THAT is a step in the right direction.

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  1. At our church we have adopted a saying...if someone says, "It just so happens/happened..." we follow it up with "God is sovereign.". There is no just so happened. He makes all things happen in His time. Isn't that an incredible reality!