Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Con Brio!

As every “good” mother knows, we sometimes need a time-out from being mommy! I’m quite certain that even the best of mommies sometimes reach their limits and are faced with the decision to just go off or break away for a few moments of solitude. Sadly, all too often, I choose the first, but I do try very hard to take breathers every now and then. In my house, there’s only one place for those moments of solitude; you guessed it…the bathroom! The bathroom seems to be my refuge on a daily basis! For those moments I just can’t take anymore, I can always run to the bathroom, lock the doors for a moment, say a few words of frustration, a prayer for an exceptional measure of grace, then it’s back to the grind. I’ve been impressed here lately just how well these moments of peace throughout my days seem to aid in my sanity. I usually walk back out of the bathroom to a new mess or some sort of catastrophe, but at least I’m able to face it with a new and gracious perspective!
Sometimes I even have these moments out and about, because my kids NEVER take a break from being kids. Having one of those moments at my in-laws house the other day, I slipped away for a moment into the guest bathroom. I absolutely couldn’t take anymore screaming! Feeling a bit overwhelmed with my decision to become a parent in the first place, I tried to clear my mind by selecting one of the magazines from the basket of reading material provided by my mother-in-law. On top of the stack was a magazine published by Furman University’s Music Department called Con Brio! Being quite a music nerd, I could appreciate the play on words. It was cute! I flipped through the book, caught up on all the latest Furman music news, said my usual prayer for added grace, and was ready to face reality again. However, God wanted to speak with me before I headed out, so I stopped to listen, of course! As usual, God tugged at my heart about something so simple and obvious, yet very precious and weighted! The title of the magazine repeated over and over in my head; Con Brio! In musical terminology, it translates as “with brilliance”! That was it. Very simple, yet very prolific! It was then my job to walk out of my confined space and live my life “with brilliance”! This moment was very defined more than ever with God’s grace and mercy to me! So many times I’m overwhelmed with my mommy responsibilities, but God doesn’t want me to live a stress-filled life, just “making it” from one moment to the next! He desires for me to live my life “with brilliance” before my children, in an effort that they will see Him through me! What a responsibility!
I left the bathroom with added zeal, knowing that in those few precious moments, God chose to speak to my heart! I was encouraged that now when I reach those “mommy moments” and have to run to the bathroom and take refuge, I can now always be reminded to walk out living my life “with brilliance”! So glad that God is no respecter of the places He speaks to our hearts!

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