Thursday, January 13, 2011


Wesley and I love to create things! We don’t claim to be the best at it by any means, we just love the thrill of taking something that’s seemingly “nothing” and creating SOMETHING! If you put us in a kitchen together, we’re going to create something yummy! (hopefully!) You put us in a house with white walls, they won’t stay that way for long! You put us at a table with our kids and some playdoh, we’re gonna have some good fun creating things! And those kids we helped “create”….well…we won’t go there! LOL. They’re GREAT though! I guess it’s just one of those ways we realize just how much we’re made in the image of our Heavenly Father, the creator of all things! We take after our Daddy!
This past November, Wesley and I felt very privileged to be asked to help re-create Kids Church. It was a huge task to take on, but the ideas started flowing almost instantly. Together, with our amazing pastors, we started to work. Everything was getting a makeover! The new name for the ministry would be Rooted, with the theme verse Colossians 2:6-7. It was our goal to get kids in a “rooted” relationship with Christ, constantly building them up, so that when the season’s of life came and went, they would be “grounded”, and knowing they had such a relationship would cause them to overflow with thankfulness to their Savior. The transformation was revealed to the kids on the first Sunday of the year, and they loved it! For us, seeing it come to completion was kinda crazy! It all came about with just “ideas”, and turned out to be our testimony of the last year of our lives. We’ve always been committed to following Christ, but sadly when the up’s and down’s of life (the seasons) came we would take the blows for so long and then seemingly crush under the pressure, because we weren’t firmly “rooted”. It’s all very sad to admit, but the smallest things would knock us down. We would get our feelings hurt, practice unforgiveness, and harbor bitterness. (All unknowingly, mind you!) And we wondered why things were never quite right in life!? It wasn’t until a time of complete separation from life as we knew it, that we finally were able to breakthrough into a new way of living. In one of my recent blogs, I worded it this way, “I can't get the planting of a seed off of my brain these past two months when I think about the circumstances of my life last year. The seed gets buried in the ground. Total darkness. Total isolation. Taken away from things familiar, comfortable, and precious. And through it's death, LIFE springs forth! Not just once, but MANY times over! WOW!! That's us! God took me to a place of darkness, and isolation for the purpose of us to truly find "our calling" in life! Our call die! It was not linked to my profession or a foreshadow of the steps that needed to be taken. It was direct, plain, and simple. Our "calling" was to die! Die to ourselves daily, so that Christ could truly dwell in us(Gal. 2:20).”. How fun to see that now two months removed from starting this project, we had unknowingly put our recent life testimony on walls for all to see! It is a project I will never forget! Walking in that area of our church will always be a constant reminder of the wonderful things God has taught us, and the awesome plans He has for us!
So, in all of that, I am very proud to present the ideas that God gave us, created into something that can hopefully be used for years to come! I’m constantly thanking God for all the ideas that keep flowing! Can’t wait to see what we can create next!

Before: Sound booth area in the making

Before: Stage in the making

Before: Stage + our big mess

Should have painted the walls before construction

After: Winter wall

After: Spring wall

After: Summer wall

After: Sound booth and half of fall wall

Treehouse logo

Entering Kids Sanctuary

Entrance again


Above door, leaving sanctuary

Stage again


Colossians 2:6-7

Plant. Grow. Reach.
Be "rooted" in Him and you can make it through every season of life!

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