Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Perfect Storm...

Our 2011 snow storm has proved to be a great week of relaxation for the Evatt's. I hear so many people complaining about cabin fever, and though I love my busy life, I have thoroughly enjoyed the hermit life this week! I've been given one extra week before the joys/stresses of school start again, and time just to chill with the family! Love it!
The kids loved the snow! I will be glad when they reach the ages of really being able to enjoy it though! I also long for the day when I have the proper clothing in the house for such cold weather playtime! Nate probably wouldn't have been able to walk in the 7in. of snow anyway, but it sure didn't help the matter for him to have to walk in cousin Xander's hand-me-down boots, sizing 5 sizes too big! He thougt it was hilarious, though! Anything makes him laugh! Poor Bella insisted on building something, so her little hands practically frove in her gloves, which weren't made for digging in the snow! She really enjoyed riding the sled being pulled by a four-wheeler though one her little hands got a chance to warm up! And little Marleigh lasted all of 10 minutes out in the cold, but she would have been in on all the action had I let her!
Other than our great play day, our days have been lazy ones. Just watching movies, playing games, and eating like crazy! That's what snow days are all about! I think I will be well rested to start the semester next week! By far, the greatest part about this storm has been that we have kept power the entire time! PERFECT!

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  1. Trent says it's an answer to prayer! It's like we've gotten our Christmas vacation again and we've loved every minute of it!