Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In a world full of crazies…we found their leader. (A guest blog by Scotti Henson)

Part One
The hubby and I love to travel. Behind our love of God and each other, it’s our greatest joy. I love the thrill of the hunt as I search for the perfect airfare/rental car/hotel deal. The hubs loves the thrill of researching all the things to see and do in the location of choice. He especially loves to find all the bizarre “roadside attractions” for times when we’re road-trippin’. We don’t know which part is more exciting—the planning or the actual trip! Either way, we love it and are grateful for work schedules that allow us a full summer of travel time.
Last summer, we decided to do a trip that involved flying and a road trip. For me, it was the best of both worlds! We decided to fly to Jackson, Mississippi, to visit some of my friends, and while there, road trip around the state to see all of the highlights. We’re both big Elvis fans and thought a stop in Tupelo, “The King’s” birthplace, would be fun. Imagine our excitement when we learned of a road-side attraction known as Graceland Too. Yes! A house fully devoted to all things Elvis—and within 30 minutes of Tupelo. It was perfect and we couldn’t wait to add it to the itinerary.
Day one of our trip was the day! We flew into Jackson early enough to visit one of my friends at her office. Low and behold, one of her co-workers had been to the illusive roadside Mecca that we so desired to see. He regaled us with humorous, yet edited, stories of visits he’d made there while a student at Ole Miss. He said it was simple to find and a “can’t miss” place to see. Little did we know what awaited us in that sleepy Mississippi town….

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