Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Today was Nate's 2nd birthday! It also was the mark of our intermediate cycle of family birthdays! This year, Marleigh will turn one, Nate two, Bella 5, and me and Wesley will just be older! Being a mom to babies is already becoming a distant memory. I recently received the invite to my 10 year high school reunion, so if I seem a bit distant or grumpy, it could be because reality is smacking me in the face! It could also be from the horror of the conversation with my hubby the other day in which we discussed the possibilities of purchasing a minivan! *GASP* I, like many my age, have faithfully pledged from middle school age to NEVER be a "minivan momma". I also have to constantly resist the urge wear a housecoat, purchase my first pair of readers, and eat prunes to ensure I've had enough fiber for the day! With each passing day, our children are growing and learning at exponential rates, and I struggle just to keep up! It's shocking to me, but not only am I a mom already, but I'm quickly becoming the older mom. You know, the one people call for advice with THEIR babies! How could this be? This wasn't supposed to happen to me! For some reason I thought time would freeze for me around the age of 25. I really never thought past that stage in life! I used to laugh to myself in my younger years when I would hear adults discussing how time just seemed to move faster and faster with each passing year. And now, here I am at the tender age of 27, not only fully understanding that statement but also wondering how on earth I will survive the rest of my time on this earth if it will seemingly get even faster!! Heaven help! At that point in life I was trying to rush everything along! Life couldn't happen fast enough! I was so stinkin paranoid that the Lord would return before I would have the opportunity to be married and have kids, and now here I am praying daily, in the midst of my beautiful mess, for the Lord to hurry it up! So how does one handle this sudden awakening of time and age? One moment at a time I suppose! Living IN each moment and living it to it's fullest! I hope I can say that at the end of this next blink! I want to be fully present in every moment of my life, knowing that no matter how crazy it seems, it can only be used for God's glory as I allow Him to work in my life! So let the good times roll! I may break every oath I ever took in middle school about the person I would someday be, but I sure am having the time of my life with the loves of my life with each passing day! What phase of life are you currently in?

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  1. You know, it blows my mind as well! Sometimes I just sit back and think wow, did I really do all that? Have I really gotten old enough to have finished school, college, gotten married and had a child?