Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stop, Drop, and Roll!

Bella, now in K-4 at Brookwood Preschool Academy, has just recently completed a whole week's worth of learning everything there is to know about fire safety! Each day of that particular week, she would come home with a piece of knowledge to impress us all! I've been reprimanded for my candles, instructed to keep a glass of water and a cloth on my nightstand every night, shown all of the proper exits in my house, and how to call for help! However, her most prized piece of knowledge is the same of any child that has been through a fire safety course...What to do if your clothes catch fire. Bella not only told us about how we should stop, drop, and roll, but demonstrated on NUMEROUS occasions how to follow through these three steps. She had us, the girls, and Nate, rolling all over the floor! :)
Being so very proud of her and her enthusiasm for fire safety, I couldn't help but stop at a certain devotion titled, "Stop, Drop, and Roll!" as I thumbed through the girls' devotion book. Knowing it would perk every one's interest, I selected that devotion for the evening. It took the stance that no matter what circumstances may have you feeling under fire, it is important to not panic, but simply STOP what you are doing, DROP to your knees in prayer, and ROLL all of your anxieties onto Him, because He cares for you!(1Peter 5:7). The girls enjoyed the devotion that night, especially Bella! In fact, most of them rolled down the hallway into their beds afterward! LOL When the lights went out for all, I took the time to apply the verse to my life! At first I was just amazed by the fact that my God cares for me in all extents of the emotions I feel, whether justified or not! WOW! He CARES for me! All I have to do is surrender all of those anxieties to Him in prayer and let Him instruct me on how to REST in Him! Powerful! Yet in my mind's eye, I couldn't stray from the image of someone rolling all over the ground in an attempt to put a fire out, yet because they are in such hysterics, they don't realize they are rolling themselves straight back into the fire again! Crazy thought, I know! Relating it all back to the spiritual, I realized how silly I am at times when I get all worked up about stuff, go pray(or complain) to God about what's going on, and either halfway surrender it all to Him, or give it all to Him, but pick it back up before I give my Heavenly Father the opportunity to really care for me like only He can! How foolish to think that I can't trust Him to put the fire out, and calm me down!

So, the next time I don't want to relinquish my rights to my anxieties of present circumstances, I hope Bella's fire safety training will help me out! After all, HE CARES FOR ME!!!


  1. This is completely unrelated to God but when I saw your post I thought of this you tube video from camp:

    It's called Carter the Church Assistant and he gets all the safety stuff mixed up.

  2. This blog was just what I needed. Thanks for the reminder!!! Can't wait to see you in 50 something days. By the way, you're doing so well :)