Saturday, October 16, 2010

Expect Delays...

As I wind down in body and gear up in mind on this Saturday evening, I can’t help but compare my Saturday night/Sunday morning routine to a traffic jam! EVERYONE not only has to get out the door on time, but also properly dressed, smelling good, Bibles in hand, and open minds ready to hear from the Lord! I have a personal list of my own duties added to that list: Every item packed in the diaper bags, preview everyone’s clothes to make sure they are proper, throwing offering into the abyss of my purse(only to be hunted and scraped out later), seeing that mouths are feed, and preparing myself mentally for all the things that might “go wrong” along the way! Wow!
I guess the biggest thing I have learned in the stress of watching Sunday’s come and go, is that liken unto a traffic jam, I must expect delays! If every car in one city used the same road and had to be at the same place at the same time, the people in those cars should just KNOW to expect delays. As we all try and get out the door at the same time for church, really ready to go, we just HAVE TO expect that something is not going to go just right. Somebody will be missing a button, have a couple hairs out of place, need to be fed in the middle of ironing clothes, or be missing their Bible. The list could go on and on. I’ve learned however, over the past year, that my attitude concerning the delays, can mess the WHOLE day up or make it run more smoothly. Going back to the traffic jam, as many may know, our attitude towards the delays, affect the entire ride to our destination. If we choose to lay on the horn, demand everyone out of our way though nowhere to really go, and rehearse as many expletives we may know, in our heads or verbalized, all we end up with is high blood pressure and a bad mood for the rest of the day. However, on the contrary, if we leave out early, knowing we will have delays, we can enjoy the scenery as were stuck in traffic. From time to time, we can even get a chuckle out of those who are acting a little manic. At least when we arrive at our destination, we can still enjoy the day and look back at the delays as opportunities. (Even if you do end up being a little late!)
So, as I sit here tonight, hopefully having as much done as possible, in an effort to be at church on time with everyone looking great, I full-well anticipate any delays as well. Who knows what tomorrow may bring? All I can hope is to take whatever comes my way with ease, compassion, and the opportunity to allow God’s wonderful grace to shine through me.

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