Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A White Christmas. Are You Dreaming?

I admit it.

I'm a dreamer.

Bella's devotion before school this morning was about the Bride of Christ. Relating that God's love is wondrous and powerful. Though the little stories in her devotional are great, I always add a special twist since I'm the narrator, by substituting the names in the book for names of children she would know, or even her name occasionally! It seems to be a good perk of interest 1st thing in the morning! It also gets my mind jogging.  Especially this morning!
The imagery cast was of two daughters and their mother on the eldest's wedding day. Of course I filled in the names of Bella and Marleigh. It was a fun and cute devotion and relatable for Bella, yet hours after this great time together, I'm still at home mulling over the thoughts and dreams for my daughters and their wedding days! How special I know it will be! I get a little weepy eyed even now and they are just 1 and 5! Weddings are the perfect imagery of LOVE!

Imagine it with me:

The bride is busy. Not with the usual "everyday tasks", but with wedding preparation! Today is the day. Her wedding day! Her nerves take over in a sudden panic. "Has it all been taken care of?", she wonders to herself. She's prepared for months, even years for this momentous day, but her heart's desire is for everything to be PERFECT. Though her mind's initial worry is on all the tasks, her mind takes a sudden shift to the reason for all of this preparation! The love of her life! His love is captivating and powerful! It has redeemed her and given her worth she never imagined her single life would have. As she peers at herself in the mirror, she feels like a princess all dressed in white! He has given her a sense of royalty. A belonging to an important family! The sparkles on her dress are dull in comparison to the sparkle in her eyes! This day her groom will give her his name to carry. He will come close to her and be with her FOREVER! She tries to shake her daydreaming thoughts in order to complete her preparation, but she keeps finding herself submerged in thoughts of their life together! Yes, the preparation is complete. It's all been taken care of, and every account settled. She can relax and find peace in the knowing! She is ready. Clenched tight to the arm of her father, she prepares for the walk of a lifetime! She worries for just a second about all who will watch, but then her eyes meet the eyes of her groom, and her thoughts are captivated once more by his love! Standing before him, there is only one thing she has to offer; herself. Adorned in beauty with a lingering fragrance of expensive perfume! Dressed in white, not a spot or a blemish. Offering her heart and soul; her everything! All because of a powerful and wondrous love that captivated her heart! It all now belongs to him!

I'm not sure how you felt on your wedding day, but that pretty much sums it up for me!

But alas, here we are at December 7th, and a busy calendar calls to me. My attention is shifted to the "everyday tasks". It's Christmastime. So much to do! What is this season really about? I know what I've been taught about Christmas, but I also know what I see year in and year out, and sadly the two just don't match up. If they did, I know I would feel more peace at this time of year. I would feel more love and expectancy! I would spend every little effort and drop of time on "wedding preparation"!

Our Savior's birth. Immanuel; God WITH US! 
He desires to come near to me and truly be my Immanuel!

Lost in my dream world, I wonder;

Is everything ready? I've prepared to meet my groom(Christ) for several years of my life on this earth. I hope I've made every effort to prepare everything just perfectly! Then my mind shifts. All of this preparation, this life that I've lived; it's all for Him! He is the love of my life! His love is wondrous and captivating! (Psalm 17:7). This love has redeemed me (Ephesians 1:7) and given me great worth! I am royalty!(1 Peter 2:9) My only heart's desire is to be beautiful for Him. I do not know the day that He will come rescue me, and take me to paradise with Him forever, but I will be ready! Working on every last detail! Our eternity together will be worth any price I may have to pay here on this earth(1 Peter 1:6-7). I will not worry about those who may look and watch! My eyes are fixed on Him(Psalm 141:8). My gaze is captivated by this strong love, and the sparkle in my eyes is radiant (Psalm 34:5)! Every account will be settled and I can relax in the peace of knowing(Luke 2:14)! I AM READY(Revelation 19:7)! Adorned in beauty, with a lingering fragrance of being in His presence! Offering my heart and soul; my EVERYTHING! I stand before Him DRESSED IN WHITE!

Though just a dream for now, I am promised of this reality! My heart cries, "Maranatha!". COME, LORD JESUS!

Are you dreaming of a WHITE CHRISTMAS?
In the midst of all your Christmas plans, don't forget the preparation plans for that great day!
He is Immanuel; God with us! Not the far away God, but GOD WITH US!
Your Christmas gift is already here! He's not under a tree; He died upon a tree for you! He's been with us since that great day He became flesh, just so we could rid ourselves of every spot and blemish. Just so we could have a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

I pray your Christmas season will truly revolve around this one thought.
Go ahead and dream. His desire is to be with you; even now!

Isaiah 7:14
14 The Lord himself will give you a miraculous sign. 
The virgin is going to have a baby.
She will give birth to a son. And he will be called Immanuel.


  1. This is so beautiful, Lindsay! He's not the far away God, He is God with us. My gift is already here and His desire is to be with me. Love this so much!

    Many blessings, Lindsay!

  2. Beautiful Lindsay! I love this! He is coming and I want to be ready.

  3. Love this! I'm sending this to a friends's daughter who is getting married next May.
    I found you through a friend, Lisa. So glad I came by and "met" you! :)
    ps becoming a follower:)

  4. What a beautiful dream, and to KNOW it is the reality we have as believers! My eyes are firmly fixed on my BELOVED during this season. I have His peace, joy, and hope in the midst of the storms of this life. It's been a rough few months, BUT I can and do rejoice in it, because it has kept my feet firmly planted on His truth, clinging to my ROCK that is higher than I. My heart is ready to celebrate this season rejoicing in the promises that His WORD holds for me/us. EMMANUEL, GOD is with us!
    Hosanna,(hoshiya na), LORD save us, and Maranatha, COME LORD JESUS!! May we lovingly serve our Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father [of Eternity], Prince of Peace as we honor Him above all else this season. May our hearts prepare Him room to reign. THANK you for sharing your dream. Beautifully written and appreciated.

  5. Wish there was a "like" button here!
    And I too, am a dreamer :)

  6. Beautiful Lindsay... I'm dreaming of the very same dream! Love your heart for Him!