Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Bruised Brow, the Rolling Over Rug, and a Lesson in Shaving...

I'm out to prove that ignorance is not always bliss! In fact, it can be rather PAINFUL! My ignorance of guns has proved that way for me! No offense to my PETA friends, but we are on quite the mission around here to take care of some "extra" critters. Having a borrowed gun, my curiosity got the best of me, and I just had to attempt a shot. I've shot a "big gun" once before and had no further desire to do it again due to the very loud noise and the kick. However, I was quite sure I could handle this "glorified pellet gun" with a silencer attached.(As you can tell, I don't even have the knowledge to tell what kind of gun!) No incredible danger to me, right? Ha. My husband set up a small paper plate as a target for me and took a front row seat to hopefully get a good laugh. Being a BIT competitive, I would have to get a perfect shot on the first try just to prove that I'M GOOD! lol I raised the gun to my side and glared down the barrel through the scope with intense focus to take perfect aim. Then...BANG! I immediately doubled over in pain, throwing my hand over my eye to relieve the pain, as my husband exclaims, " You weren't supposed to KEEP your eye that close!" and then he asked FIVE MINUTES LATER, if I was okay. OUCH! The "kick" as I call it, kicked me in the eyebrow as I shot the gun! This was last Friday and my brow still feels as if it has a fresh bruise on it! So, was the pain worth my ignorance? almost. I did get an awesome shot in, even though I didn't even care about it until the initial shock of the pain was over! I also gave my hubby a GREAT laugh! Still not quite sure how I feel about that!
The rest of the weekend was once again a huge blur. Many birthday parties and church activities kept us going, going, going! All my homework and the dread of two tests this week only added to the chaos of the weekend, but alas, I've made it through once again. One of my highlights was watching Ms. Marleigh roll all over the place. She's been rolling over here and there since she was 2 weeks, but this weekend, she began doing it with intention! And just like her big sis and big bro, she found the living room rug to be the best place to do so. All (and I do mean ALL) my children have rolled over on that rug! How special! The rolling over rug! Though stained with MANY things now, the rug has survived long enough to receive this special label. One last highlight of the weekend was giving my first lesson in shaving! Didn't think I'd be giving that lesson so early in life; but, I also didn't think I'd be living at a home for children with a house full of hormonal girls! lol I have two sixth graders this year who have finally been made aware(by their peers, of course) of just how hairy their legs are! So, lucky for them, I had grown out just enough of a winter coat, to show them just how much they could benefit from shaving! We all three rolled up our pant legs and made the side of the tub our classroom. I have to say, I had fun with it! I showed them first on my leg, then they got to try it out with me watching! They were so nervous! I think I had them stressed to the max about the possibility of cutting themselves. Their little hands were everything BUT steady and they barely applied any pressure at all! Needless to say, they took FOREVER during shower time that night!

Our Latest Catch(still no chipmunk) :(

(getting closer though!)
As we pack up for our time off this weekend, we are excited about family time as we head into the busy holiday season! Exciting, memorable times are waiting on me. Better keep my camera charged!
The Play by Play


  1. I love it!! Your blog never ceases to make me smile!!! By the way, I'm so proud of you. Being house parents of lots of children has to be stressful; however, you take the time to enjoy them and their sweet little hygiene tasks! Very sweet!

  2. Correction...that was your SECOND shaving lesson. Do you not remember teaching me how to shave my legs many years ago? I remember it like it was yesterday....sitting on the edge of the tub with a cheap disposable pink razor with two dull blades. It was a very important day in my

  3. Sad Times! I really don't remember! Still funny to imagine though! LOL